My life as a FROG… by Candii xx

I wish I was as candid as you!

I wish I was as Green as you (hehe)

I wish I could do the thing you do!

I wish oh I wish I wish I could, I could do what you do!

However, I am not sure you would want a person that was like you!

We live, we cry, we do the best we can do, but, sometimes I guess it’s not easier being blue!

I wonder, oh wonder, if things went so true, I wonder, I wonder, if you would be true!

We love, we cry, we live and we die!

How easy it would be if we tried as hard as you do!

I like you, I hate you, and even adore and love you,  I wish I could be you!

But, we say so many things that leave us bewildered and to be, to be, I wonder if I could be?

I wish all things weren’t so blinded by you and me!

I can see you, I can feel you, however, you won’t allow me to feel you!!

If I allowed you in would you shove me in the bin?

I wonder, I wonder, if we could be within!

I know this has no meaning but, what is the meaning?

I wonder, I wonder, if you could at least had seen me?

Goodbye, Goodbye, if you could only have allowed me in!

love Candii x

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