When you think life sux’s watch this beautiful Angel





You know we all think life sux’s and then a beautiful girl named Claire comes along with so much energy for life and you STOP and you then go WTF!!!??

I often wonder about things and think about why people like her have such a terrible illness and even a short life?

Why on Earth is it so damn horrible that people often think that life sucks and they think they got something up with themselves and then Claire comes online and then you really go why on earth are we in such turmoil …

I have to say wow you beautiful, gorgeous human being why on earth are you dying???

Why on earth is GOD so damn evil that he wants you to die?

I don’t get it … you try so damn hard and you try every day and still, there are things about yourself that is not good enough for anybody!!!!!??

Her enthusiasm is outstandingly generous, she has amazing friends that love her energy, her beautiful aura, her amazing ability to rise above everything that has been thrown against her but, yet she still rises above all obstacles..

Her ability to see things so clearly must be astounding to so many and very much to me girls that have this is just seriously out of control in such a good way!!

Now, I will say this when you are full of such energy, love, and yet have been struck down with such a terrible disease “cystic fibrosis”, and then told you to have 2 years to live your energy levels can do two things you let go of living or you take every day as it comes and breath it in like smooth velvet..

I get her so much I wonder if I was told I had 2 years to live I would hope to god that my 2 years would be the most amazing 2 years ever… And that all the gods would line up and give me that break to be the best I could be and enjoy every minute, every moment and every instant of my short beautiful life.

If you hadn’t noticed her wall she says:

If you maintain a sense of humor and a distrust

of the rules there will be success…

Which means she is a wild spirit with a free mind to explore any possibility that has to offer and that is superb in my books… I find that kind of spirit an inspiration to everything that is beautiful and free…

Well, if you don’t shed a tear which I certainly did then I have to say – shame on you!!!

I would have given my entire legs for a sister, friend like her in my life I adore humans that love life with every inch of their life no matter what and I find them amazing, I would never let them go… still waiting for those persons or person…

I think she has a bit of a crush on the host of this and I don’t blame her he is lovely, kind-hearted, open to his feelings and wow, what a hunk!!! 


What a beautiful father and mother she is definitely blessed to be in such a loving family and they all deserve each other so much positivity so much beauty, so much of everything that is so beautiful.

That is what family should be to each other, that is what we all should be to each other it is that easy.. that damn well easy to be happy, loving, wonderful, enjoy your life, learning is beautiful, grow within yourself and never, ever give up!

I wish you so much love my dear girl and hope that all the Gods look down at you and give you a gift of life because people like you are what we all need in a world that could do with a beautiful wild and free spirit like yours Claire xxx


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