Rapper 2Chainz stops by the headquarters of Sinthetics


Well, what can Candii say to this video – Watch it cuz it is worth every viewing a lot of money people this “IS” the future of another world of blow up dolls are gone well, they are still available but, these little beauties are so lifelike it is odd to watch!!


LOS ANGELES — Rapper 2Chainz stops by the headquarters of Sinthetics, makers of handcrafted custom-made sex dolls on tonight’s episode of “Most Expensivest” on Viceland.

Matt Krivicke, Sinthetics’ co-owner, and lead artist presents 2Chainz with a tour of his shop and introduces him to Monique and Gabriel, among other sex dolls, as well as the Vagankle — Sinthetics’ penetrable silicone foot.

Synthetics launched almost a decade ago and is run by Krivicke and his wife Bronwen. Among the innovative functions of the platinum, silicone Manikins are built-in heat and gel buttocks options, and a proprietary internal joint system that allows for increased portability, flexibility, and durability.

Krivicke describes the dolls as works of art, noting that they aren’t necessarily always used for sex.

Synthetics dolls are posable silicone dolls that can be customized with physical features such as skin tone, eye color, teeth, nipples and more. Starting at $6,500 for a basic female doll, upgrades range from $50 to $500 and up.

“For $6,500 you can build a bae,” 2Chainz says.

“Most Expensive” airs tonight on Viceland.  Now the above is NOT robots they are the “NEW” blow up dolls, the below are Robots in this video so both are very different!


I was talking to my husband about an app I bet they will create.. Let me say they have already so watched this place because we are looking at what most people will not understand is going to be REAL within 10 years and if not before


Now….. people what is your thoughts on this whole supernatural endeavor?

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