Empowerment of ourselves, embrace your positive and live your life fully!

When I say “Empowerment” this word and for what it means is inspiring to say the least it is a strong, defined, taylored, respectful, encouraging, uplifting, endless and unlimited word not to mention how it makes you feel when you wish this to be about you or those who should strive for inner strength.

Empowerment, is many things however, it is based on your own inner strength and of course how you interpret this word about yourself.

For me it means respecting my ownself, having a certain level of understanding, being a empowered women means I have my values that I believe in and always have, I have the ability to listen, be educated or at least educate myself to understand myself, others and subjects that can help people with gaining a inner belief that, “you can do it”, you have what it takes to be the best you can be, it’s more about having self belief in “you, really’.

Empowerment of young women is very important as you grow up to be a adult, the journey as a female as we all know can and will possibly break that spirit that we are born it’s untapped energy, beauty, a spirit of wonderment and beauty.

I think this strong defined word starts from when you are born and it should be taught to all gorgeous little curious girls when they are young, the reason I believe this is because as girls we all have so many experiences that we will endure as we age.

With our society the expectations of some of us can be overwelming and a little bit stressful, we all don’t have perfect families that are supportive however, that is the area that I would like to firstly look at, as we are born female the expectations of us on beauty, trends, peir pressures, popularity, we have so many levels of “what girls are expected to be, do and maintain a sense of what others think we should be as a female it can and will become very stressful, tiring, as you grow in this harsh world of judgement and over annalised koas of rules in life.

So, how do we do this and when should we start teaching this to girls?

I think it should be a separate class just for girls and it should be taught by open minded, caring women who have walked in their shoes or could walk in their shoes, it should be taught with many different enspiring levels of females with a empathy of understanding just how life really can be.

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I also believe in “honesty”, a womens word, a sister-hood of respecting other women, a openness of humility, empathy, sympathy, with all fellow other sisters.

I am going to be very brutal and say this, “we do not look after each other’s sisters”, we grow and discover each and every female will turn on you because of their own insecurities of their own inner doubt in believing in themselves.

I have often reflected over my years on this earth growing up as a little girl and I have to say it was tough at times, we really had to fight to be listened to, we really had to step back because others were either bigger, meaner, louder, ruder, more knowledge of understanding, it was like “Hello, I do exisit on this planet” and that was just to be heard within a group.

As we get older as a young girl going through puberty we then get educated of what our bodies can do, and let me say this ladies, we are remarkable human beings!

I am going to list the endless strengths of what a female is capable of doing and this is just being girl.

Here are some amazing, inspiring basic and most of all darn right deserving of what a female is… her self worth is formost and these are only just a few reminders.

  • Our bodies are beautifully designed
  • We have soft voices and even some have the ability to sing
  • We have many different attributes of our sexual body like, boobs, lovely shaped hips, we can grow our hair long, curl it, cut it, we can wear pants, any clothing we want and when we want.
  • We can create human beings, beautiful life and that in it’s self is a gift a present that no other person is created like us!
  • We can educate ourselves to strive in work, be bosses to once upon a time did not exisit for us as females
  • We can educate our children by giving then the best possibilities that any human can deliver which is love, understanding, respect, and self worth, how to be the best we can be
  • We all have voices our voices can be heard more now than ever
  • We have rights, we are designed to live longer than men
  • We nurture, we educate, we love, we cry, we support, we also  can be many other things in this life
  • We have the ability to calm you, delight you and of course annoy you
  • We are unique in everyway
  • There is no other like us in this world inside our souls
  • We have the abilty to listen, understand, nurture, sympathise with others and ourselves

I could go on and on about how uniquely creatured a female is on this earth it is limitless on the possibilities of each and every beautiful women has and the sad thing not all of us believe this about us!

Why do you think that is?


Well, many reasons, some are and I am only going to list a few there is an old saying, you can’t pick your family, now can you?

What this means is not all children come from good backgrounds, solid foundations are created by having solid foundations, this means it has to be consistantly taught by mothers, grandmothers, greatgrandmothers, fathers, etc.. and not everyone has every person in their family as a solid perfect role model, that is just not possible!

I get it!
I do understand it, however, you are not them you are you!

We are all uniquely wired, which means you could through a jar of hundreds of thousands into a bowl of icecream and the result is this, it is just random colors that we add into a flavoursome treat to give it taste!

What that basically means your future is yours to make, change, enhance, grow, do whatever you wish to or be whatever you wish to be, this is about your lessons, your decisions, based on what you only know!

Remember if you didnt do something well, then learn what it was you didnt do and always, always, let the bad feeling go!

Children tend to blame themselves when mum and dad argue, they get so upset seeing them fight with each other, the reason they do is this, you are everything to them in their young eyes, you are pure love to them anything you do with your kids are watched and learned by your kids!

You are their teachers of what to expect in the future of themselves, isnt that scary when you think about that!!

The hardest lessons in life is to have the ability to be kind to each other, now you would think that should not be said in a sentence, well, I just did, kindness comes from within, and is taught very young in your childrens lives you are their teachs of what is good, what is bad, what is right, wrong, etc…

When young people have young babies they better understand this, you be accountable for you, and if by any chance you have a child young, understand this “you being a child has gone and you must now be a teacher for that child you decided to bring into this life”!


In many cases of theraphy in listening to those who are struggling the result normally is this, “your family is the result of your depression, or your upbring, or a uncle, aunty did something to you when you where young”.

Yes, all those terrible things may have happened to you, now you have understood where it comes from what are you going to do for yourself to mend going forward?

My answer is this, understand it, learn from it and learn how to let it go from your thoughts, this is very important to listen to just this part of this post, I will say it again, understand your grief, and then learn from it and the…


To understand this thought, is to take you back to when you where a child, now children fall off a bike and scape their knee, okay, fine, it happened a week later its gone!

I child is crying and sees something that distracts them suddenly, what occurs is the tears have suddenly gone and why they where crying has been removed!

Watch your kids when something arises watch how quick they let things go, now as a adult we repress ourselves to the point of going silent, what then occurs is this!!

We withdraw, we loose that valuable gift of choice, we end up depressed, having anxiety and suddenly we don’t understand how we got here in the first place!  Life is about living and learning, if we do not learn and understand the rights and wrongs of our lessons then we will never grow and live a full life, right!

We also need to give ourselves a bit of a pat on the back from time to time, which we dont in some cases!

Remember, change is as sudden as saying hello, it is that easy….

However, if you do not learn from how you got here, which means you must understand trauma, is a terrible, aweful experience, and it isnt your fault, that you went through it, even by some reason you think you are to blame!

When you don’t know something, you just planely don’t know….

So, my advise is to give yourself a break and do yourself a favour and invest in “you”, invest in helping yourself through bad thoughts in your head about yourself, if you are having these thoughts, find help!

Have you ever had that moment of Oh my god!

Think of that your reading the news and you read about your favourate sports star, movie star, and you read something that you never thought possible could ever happen to them!


Tony Robins,

  • his childhood was dredful, negitive, abusive, if you search for him on google and listen to his advise on how to raise children, he says, never say to children aim for perfection it’s an unrealistic goal, this word does not exisit, your setting your children up for a life of never feeling they are ever good enough, you must use words of encouragement, tell your children that they are loved, valued, that they are doing a great job, and always use praise with them they will take those beautiful words into adulthood and when ready they will also do the same for their own children.

I agree!

Remember, we are uniquely created, so make your life worth live and embrace what has not yet come, has not yet taught you, and should always be a life worth living with embracing your empowerment by being true to yourself and everyday will be a new beginning.

Living a life with a curious and free spirit is living a day like it is your first!

Let go of your negitive and embrace each moment as it is.. new and beautiful!

Love Candii xxx


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