A Girl that will end up with Cats… Meow!!!

Let’s talk about “Responsibilities”, “Being Real (Authentic)”, “Bit off more than you could chew”, all these things and more come from people who find something facinating to finding it too much or perhaps too little too late?

Who really knows this is what occurrs when communication is somewhat limited to your understanding, many of us or far and few of us, perhaps understands more about those “words” than you really know or even could understand yourself.

People go into commitments like finding your life partner, or perhaps, girlfriend status, or maybe just seeing someone, then you have kinks, so many too many to list, however, I wonder if those who like or are attracted to a life style which most are feel a little bit like a “fish out of water”.

We all look at things different and some of us look at the “Real big picture”, like me!

I am a realist, this means I can understand more than you think!
I can see people sneak off by thinking that have not been noticed, and those who are so closed up that they forget to open their hearts, so they are so tightly clenched they will endevour to vomit out “bullshit”, crap that isnt even on the radar!

Stress, over thinking, drama made up because of your own thoughts not the whole picture painted in real colour and real contence.

We give a little, take alot, never really being present, authentic people never hind, they flood out there feelings like it is luke warm honey oozing from the gods!!  They talk like it is nothing and to me it is a whole lot of something, I never ever, look at life with rose coloured glasses, unfortunately, never have that luxury to do this really!

I had felt all those wonderful feelings once, where I would have expectations of running through rainbows, playing like a crazy chick, now ” I live for the moment” , never expecting anything and that is okay I guess.. However, my rainbows stopped a very long time ago so expectations tend to never occurr, when this happens to a little girl well, you could say your life becomes pretty real and this isnt a bad thing trust me..

I guess I like my way of thinking because I really have no expectations on others.. perhaps my thoughts are “out there” perhaps they are not.. who really understands a girl that will end up with cats… hehehe

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  1. Nothing wrong with that..just have to find the person who’s willing to help you feed them! 🙂 Just keep being authentically you but be open also. Sometimes change is necessary.

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