Rescue Fantasy!!!


Sound familular?

I remember when I was really young about, let’s say in my early years as a young girl 20 and I found out my “ex”  was sleeping around with other women!

Go, figure!

For some reason I had already experienced what regret felt like, love lost, if only’s and why me’s, someone get me out of here and of course the prince on the white horse fantasy!

However, I was young and I shed my tears years and years ago, and I have never felt like that again, why?

Because I remember how hurt, hindered, felt like my life had crashed into a thousand pieces, until one day I went WTF!!!

Looked in the mirror and went, girl, F’it, and I never thought about that man on the horse again!!

I believe in many different things now, more about honesty and showing yourself and being true to yourself if people cannot do that , then sorry, not my problem!!

Things are more clearer, to me these days, I believe in communication, deep passion for life, understanding and clear, clear communication of how you feel, not made up bullshit!!

How about you?

What do yo believe in?

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