Stripped…..never allow them to take your inner strength… it is Your’s !!!!

The above video is of many women who go to work, walk down the street, eat at a cafe, this is what we do in life..

The only people that can take your power away is YOU….

So, don’t allow others to “take” no-one has the right to “take” you can do something or nothing….. remember to do this...Empowerment is all about your inner strength, with you!

It is about taking back what belongs to you….

If you find others looking upon your form… put your shoulders back, breath deeply by closing your eyes and thinking they can only take what i give them to take…

We are Powerful women…. men that look, let them, they are looking at you as a beautiful female, don’t allow your thoughts to think badly, that isn’t your business.

What is your business is to stand tall, look inside soul and deeply allow yourself to bring the power that is you….. your strength is within you.. so let it come out and be you..


And never allow those that think they can take you…. that is  your’s to keep until you say it so……. YOU ARE POWERFUL…..X

Life is life.. your powerful, beautiful, your inner strength is magnificent… girls, women, ladies, females…. we are beautiful…..human beings created uniquely so why on earth would you think your less than … that video you just watched…. isn’t you!


You are Uniquely wired… there is no-one like you… so be you… Live your life and never allow anyone to devalue you by allowing others to “take” what they cannot “take” unless you allow them too..

So, don’t………

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