TOXIC LOVE…. is never toxic without my approval!!!

Click onto the above it is worth it!!!

Beautiful, words, however, her words need to change “if she looses him, she will survive, she can love how she wants, without anyone telling her any different!

We live in a society so judgemental that we forget how to live without someone, we have to understand that another person is just that, another person, you are your only entity that completes you!!

 Nothing in life is ever easy , if it was easy then we would all do it!

We all are the same you will never know if you don’t say something so if you dont say something then you will never know..
Toxic is only toxic if you believe it to be toxic!!
To me nothing is ever toxic unless you give it permission to be…
And, frankly I don’t !!
Although, this isn’t about me, I think we can all survive without someone… I have done it before, I would do it again, I can only complete me… no person can complete another person, they can only compliment one another.

that is what life is about!

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