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I said, Communicate, I will say it again Communicate?!?!

What does that Title mean… well, that is something that is either easy for you or difficult for you, right!

I believe if you love each other well, because you must as both did get married,and you had those wonderful, thankful children, bought a beautiful house for them, and a dog, cat, fish and a pool for each to enjoy so you all must love one another right??

So, you all must have the best communication EVER?????

YES?? or NO???

Okay so let’s move away from the above .. and say this…

Why do we have those moments that we feel sufficated, too much around us, kids, dog, cat, fish, hang on a moment how did the fish get into this sentence..

Do we give one another enough of our time??






Which is it?? all the above??

Do we know each other well enough to say… I love you, no matter, I want to explore endless amazing experiences, I trust you, I adore your insite, I feel so comfortable that I am willing to do anything with you??

  • Are you ready for those kind of questions???
  • Do you understand what that means for you??
  • Are you comfortable in your own self that you can have those talks with your partner??


Communication takes many things within each other …. Timing, Wanting to, feeling comfortable with one another, being honest, not getting angry with each other, listening….

Oh, damn, I will say the most valueable one out of those above…..Listening to each other….

I know, I know, is it easy or difficult to listen??

How hard is it to listen to one another?????


Watch this video and have your say… what did you like about this??

Who we can Love

Our Earliest care givers are who?

Well, it is what it is… Our parents, we never think for one moment that we end up looking for the same kind..

This isn’t a bad thing… it is just how we are wired…

Now, the only way we can change this “and only change it “if” we cannot see a better place for our tender hearts”.

Unfortunately, and fortunately, we through those years of understanding who we are and how we pick who we pick is and will always be until we are taught differently how to recognise good and bad ways of loving someone or others like friends.

Life is about learning remember to question everything, not to the extreme of not understanding why we do this but, more to the understanding of why things don’t work out that well.. for US

Never think for one moment that you don’t have a choice… you will always have a choice in whatever you do, feel, see, pick, eat if you will because we like what we like…

Now, lets look at your choices, we are wired exactly how we are taught now if you understand that.. then I would say you are wise and live a life that most don’t have….

What do you think that is?


Well, that is up to you to comment what you think that is………


So, my question to you is are you happy? In love with Life? 

If you do then I would love to here your beautiful world!!!


Our interpretation of what we believe in

Questions, everything, ask stupid unrealistic astonishing and out of the question, questions!!!!!

To be or not to be that is my QUESTION??

How do we interpret what we believe in?

Who said, we cannot love who we love?

Did we as human’s STOP ourselves from being FREE to love who we Love?


Am I looking at this the way “I” wish to look at this?



This is all about our “interpretation” on what Love and Living life and how others influence us to think!!

I believe that we have the right to be open, honest, question, and believe in what we wish to believe in, right!

Wrong or Right!!

I think and I have the right to “think”, to be open to the possibility to believe in what is good and to open your mind to the impossibility of being you!

So, what does that mean?

It means … whatever you want it to mean…. why can’t I love anyone? 

Why is it only possible to be in love once?, twice? three times a lady?

Think about it…. interpretation to think, be, what, and when, why, not be open to endless possibilities I think Yes why not?


Why NOT?


Love “me” for “WHO I REALLY AM”

How to become the best version of “themselves”

My thoughts on how we do this is this… when we meet someone what are we attracted too?

Think about it we are attracted too their what?

  • The way they look
  • The way they act around their friends
  • The way they act and treat you
  • Is it what they wear?
  • Perhaps it is how they speak?
  • Maybe even how they kiss?
  • What they say to you?
  • Or is it just their brutish selves?


So, my question is to you why change them?

Why do we end up changing our partners after we have them?

Is it because we are scared of losing them?

Or are we trying to make them something they are not?

Perhaps your helping them be the best they can be?

Or are you doing it to lame them???

Becareful what you do to another because we should never change another person because of our own insecurities!!

That would be the worst thing possible dont you think?


Why would people change someone to be someone they are not?

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