I said, Communicate, I will say it again Communicate?!?!

What does that Title mean… well, that is something that is either easy for you or difficult for you, right!

I believe if you love each other well, because you must as both did get married,and you had those wonderful, thankful children, bought a beautiful house for them, and a dog, cat, fish and a pool for each to enjoy so you all must love one another right??

So, you all must have the best communication EVER?????

YES?? or NO???

Okay so let’s move away from the above .. and say this…

Why do we have those moments that we feel sufficated, too much around us, kids, dog, cat, fish, hang on a moment how did the fish get into this sentence..

Do we give one another enough of our time??






Which is it?? all the above??

Do we know each other well enough to say… I love you, no matter, I want to explore endless amazing experiences, I trust you, I adore your insite, I feel so comfortable that I am willing to do anything with you??

  • Are you ready for those kind of questions???
  • Do you understand what that means for you??
  • Are you comfortable in your own self that you can have those talks with your partner??


Communication takes many things within each other …. Timing, Wanting to, feeling comfortable with one another, being honest, not getting angry with each other, listening….

Oh, damn, I will say the most valueable one out of those above…..Listening to each other….

I know, I know, is it easy or difficult to listen??

How hard is it to listen to one another?????


Watch this video and have your say… what did you like about this??

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