Love “me” for “WHO I REALLY AM”

How to become the best version of “themselves”

My thoughts on how we do this is this… when we meet someone what are we attracted too?

Think about it we are attracted too their what?

  • The way they look
  • The way they act around their friends
  • The way they act and treat you
  • Is it what they wear?
  • Perhaps it is how they speak?
  • Maybe even how they kiss?
  • What they say to you?
  • Or is it just their brutish selves?


So, my question is to you why change them?

Why do we end up changing our partners after we have them?

Is it because we are scared of losing them?

Or are we trying to make them something they are not?

Perhaps your helping them be the best they can be?

Or are you doing it to lame them???

Becareful what you do to another because we should never change another person because of our own insecurities!!

That would be the worst thing possible dont you think?


Why would people change someone to be someone they are not?

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