Our interpretation of what we believe in

Questions, everything, ask stupid unrealistic astonishing and out of the question, questions!!!!!

To be or not to be that is my QUESTION??

How do we interpret what we believe in?

Who said, we cannot love who we love?

Did we as human’s STOP ourselves from being FREE to love who we Love?


Am I looking at this the way “I” wish to look at this?



This is all about our “interpretation” on what Love and Living life and how others influence us to think!!

I believe that we have the right to be open, honest, question, and believe in what we wish to believe in, right!

Wrong or Right!!

I think and I have the right to “think”, to be open to the possibility to believe in what is good and to open your mind to the impossibility of being you!

So, what does that mean?

It means … whatever you want it to mean…. why can’t I love anyone? 

Why is it only possible to be in love once?, twice? three times a lady?

Think about it…. interpretation to think, be, what, and when, why, not be open to endless possibilities I think Yes why not?


Why NOT?


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