Who we can Love

Our Earliest care givers are who?

Well, it is what it is… Our parents, we never think for one moment that we end up looking for the same kind..

This isn’t a bad thing… it is just how we are wired…

Now, the only way we can change this “and only change it “if” we cannot see a better place for our tender hearts”.

Unfortunately, and fortunately, we through those years of understanding who we are and how we pick who we pick is and will always be until we are taught differently how to recognise good and bad ways of loving someone or others like friends.

Life is about learning remember to question everything, not to the extreme of not understanding why we do this but, more to the understanding of why things don’t work out that well.. for US

Never think for one moment that you don’t have a choice… you will always have a choice in whatever you do, feel, see, pick, eat if you will because we like what we like…

Now, lets look at your choices, we are wired exactly how we are taught now if you understand that.. then I would say you are wise and live a life that most don’t have….

What do you think that is?


Well, that is up to you to comment what you think that is………


So, my question to you is are you happy? In love with Life? 

If you do then I would love to here your beautiful world!!!


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