Being Present in someones Life, Are you?

How present are you?!?!?

Have you given up and just went stuff it?!?!

or is it this…“Out of mind out of sight?”

So, let’s talk about what most people do not like to even whisper these words…… “Mental illness”, “Crazy Dazy”, “Loony toones”, that person has lost the plot!, sound familiar? you get the picture, right?!

Well, I have to say at what level would you call someone who has any of the above?

I would say “hand on heart”, many people, however, in saying “many people”, well, most who have felt a little off, or perhaps you could say, I have lost the plot and your coming with me!!

Giggle, no seriously, speaking, we are only human and as humans are we do the best we can, right?


I believe there is a thought I have that some and if not many of us all have a level of a bit of “Crazy Dazey”, if you wish to put that in a sentence.

In most cases I think once you have done a few courses or at least been around good people who understand a level of what that really means we all have a part in our life that either will challenge us, or perhaps we recognise that our past and our experiences could potentially send you a bit on the “Dazey stage”, of life!

Being Present – what does that mean?

We must remember to be present in people’s lives is not being in their life as in face on face it just means if that person has a few strange and weird questions perhaps ask how they are going, or maybe say, whats been happening, we are “all” not therapists and those that are well .

Some are not what I would call natural at their skill, however, absent attitude of not understanding themselves and most of all you as a person!

PS. No PUN intended!!!

Remember there is not box to put us in, there is not label to stamp us with and also be mindful of what you say or don’t say to another, that is if you suspect that a person is reaching out to ask you a question it is because they trust you and do value your answers.

By the way that is especially a nice and beautiful thing, so please be mindful when someone is asking you a question, or perhaps sending you a message or your on the phone to them, “take the time to think before you state what you may possibly regret later”.

None of us on this Earth is “perfectly grafted”, so please, please, we should be mindful to those that are gracefully labelled so, imperfectly!

Old saying, People who live in glass houses, should really know better, don’t you think????


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