I Applaud, you Hannah!!!

Let’s hope there isn’t many … Bless for your story…………………… please go to Net flix and watch this girl and I truly if you don’t at least scream out loudly like I did… then well, I have nothing 🙂

My Friday, night tonight!!! this is what occurred…

I love our Friday Nights normally we would do a bit of love action but, tonight and hopefully with time and openness and so many wonderful life times of loving will come so many other nights like tonight!

Oh, and Love time too…… sorry forgot to add this silly me!!!!!!

Why was it so good, well, today I went down to the shops bought some great ingredients for dinner and made a beautiful soup with what seems an endless of many herbs, spices, Gangahar which is a root similar to ginger but, different go figure!

My husband and I loved to cook it’s our thing that we have done for many years gone our friends came over had dinner parties, we laughed and listened to stories and drank lovely wine, and I miss those days!!

I miss them because we lost our way for many reasons… well, perhaps I lost ‘our way, perhaps” I blame me, it is easier, however, some friends would probably disagree, bless”!!

I sat down after dinner to a Comedy show and wow, you could have hit me with a rhythm stick her exact well nearly, so close however, different she made me proud to be loud!

I am not on here to validate myself, nor am I here to hurt anyone, I am not here for millions of likes, nor comments of poor you!

Victimisation isnt her story and I agree, her story was told once alone in the dark, in her closet, by herself, she picked herself up and brushed the bloody nose, the split anus from asshole to end, and even a doctor saw it help it…she is right however, you can never take her strenghth away because frankly that has already happened and she managed to rise above…… and say fuck you!!!

I am here just like she was to tell her story of many times being silent, never allowed to open her mouth because frankly I was scared!

I covered my hurt with laughter, I tamed down my fears of my body being tired to a bed and beaten so badly I could never tell a soul…

I remember a long time ago, that for something so exciting to get on a airplane, that was the thrilling experience of my life to do something that was so free… I felt free …. 

Many women suffer in silence or they use their sexuality as a joke to make people of an audience laugh, and it is funny, however, I was not laughing tonight!  I had no idea what this show was about however, all I felt was sorry and I could see her pain in her face before she even opened her mouth about her torrid story of what she went through.

I nearly turned the channel, I was appalled at her for using laughter to put her own self down …..and those who are the same-sex ….why put yourseld down.????.

I will laugh at funny things now, however, if I ever hear a story like mine or hers again I will “cry”, I will “cry” and sob for her because I know how it feels I know so much more than I am even putting down on here.

When we hurt .. when someone takes something from you, for example, I am not talking about your own choice or something that you know has no fear..

I am talking about taking away that part that you can’t clearly understand what you are doing wrong or how you are so stupid which is how I felt after his first smash across my head, even to the point of self blame I said many times alone to myself…. well, I got what I deserved……..

All I can say it isn’t okay .. for my experience it’s not okay having someone beat you like  he was using a meat tendering weapon.. mainly because, that is what the color of my spine was from the tip of my neck to the bottom of my spine… 

And, no one ever knew …until now…..

Hannah Gadsby,

I applaud you for the bravery of what you said, you are not alone trust me… and I have to say I was horrified at first was nearly going to change your channel and then you “Really Came Out”, and for that my darling girl, I thank you with all my heart and soul xxxxx

Keep up the good work….. Comedy, is funny however, not funny when you mask yourself, with putting yourself down because “others”, think it is okay… or nieve, or even know’s No better….

Go and search for it ………. and grab your tissues.. you will need them… xxx


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