Sexy stories…how do you write them?

Once upon a sexual dream, I had this moment that took my breath away and challenged my existance… Some write fantasies for many reasons however for me it was to understand my own journey and it exploded into words.  However, I did struggle with why this was so adicitive.. I get it now.. but for me back then it was different because I could not see it as being real…. but it was…. sigh!!!


Perhaps as I think about myself all those years ago, I have to say my voice was not really present, my bubbly self was but, not my real voice, so I wrote what I wanted to say and it spelt something that really took me time to understand why I wrote some and why I wrote more specific ones that I struggled with getting to the sex bit!!

haha, laughing at this present time…

After I think if I remember 52 pages of dribble painting a picture, set and settings, I was trying to understand my curious nature on white typing virtual paper, in those days which would have been maybe 19 years ago, I wrote it to see if I understood my actions.

The more I wrote the better I got.. and let me say that shocked the shit out of me, it wasnt that I could not paint the damn picture, oh I could paint it with new colours never invented.. once I saw that.. I sprung away from my seat in total disgust.

I was in total denial, what the hell, and what am I thinking…..that moment of OMG…

Or was it? heheh

However, I was shocked at my writing efforts because it was very vivid, very detailed and very imaginative or was it?

Wow, that is all I can say!

Once I read my writing I was a bit embarrised, not ashamed at all, was a little confused and could not understand how and why I wrote it… well, I guess I could but, to really understand something you really need to invest alot of time and effort in the why’s and I didn’t do that because I wasnt quite sure what that looked like…. it was definately dirty, different, hot, and adicitive as hell, but, I am using my words now.. back then… had nothing……. if that makes sense but, what I did feel was the giggles of my dirty mind and that was a bit of a shock.

It felt like two worlds and never connecting the dots because your still experiencing the need of those times back then… I so have been such a girl of politeness, very understanding of other peoples privacy and mostly I guess it was a time of fun and having friends over for dinner and to be perfectly honest that was separate to my own life.

As time passed and experiences became more present however, never present, it was such a long time ago, and it was our life I guess, I like my privacy to be kept private I do love to tease words like blogs here with little inuendoes of openess, and understanding of myself.

I get more now then I ever did back then however, still was exciting and respectful, go figure, where does that come from… I would say that is your best quality within yourself and for those that knew well, we had our own take on life back in those days..

Blame it on something… but, never ourselves lol

All women should try should try and do a sexy, hot story, it makes your cheeks blush and gets that heart beating hot and heavy plus, it also makes your mind exercise an area that most people do not talk about.. women especially!

So, ladies get your “word out” and give it a go and type a fantasy that you would never think to do in real life.. it will definately, get your mind sexersising and that is healthy!

Then talk to your partner, husband and tell him that you have been busy expanding your mind and he will say with a bit of …okay, what? as his stare is at the footy on the TV, however this is until you mention, that you typed your sexual fantasy and let me tell you his gaze will be off that telly and onto what you just told him!!!

Men are very keen on their partners opening up a sexual fantasy that they hope they are in and let me say, remember this, you have to tell the truth or your version of the truth always type what you could see yourself doing.. or you will lead him to disappointment!

No lie!

So, how do you do that, well, you know everyone on this planet has a sexual mind, it might be a little fuzzy, or ignored or even “don’t go there” attitude but, you will put something on paper I say this with no lie!

Mine started with many short stories, I think I have at least 10 somewhere, as I wrote them I got better and better, this is because your mind gets opened to new possibilities, which i just like living life really.

With experiences your mind expands, same thing, with sexual understanding, your mind gets more sexual and your confidences gets more hungry.

Healthy, beautiful, freeing openness, never ignore that part of your creatitivity, and if your partner doesnt like it, well, rethink who you are with then!

Simple right?

Nothing is ever simple or we would be all doing it… however, those that are clever may do it but, reseaves the right to keep it to themselves…

For me, well I am selective, as hell and you better believe it, I required that taste through experience and understanding and I thank the lord for clear visions to come…


So, lets talk dirty … that is coming up next…. naughty naughty! Oh brother!

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