Question Time People… if I get enough people to answer.. I was thinking about doing this with Prizes…. but, let’s see if others Answer any of my questions….

So ladies, I have a few questions for you if you have the time to answer 🙂

I wanted to find out what others thing of our preferred preferances in our life and todays society as we call it…What is missing in todays social stream, or perhaps friendships or how about this.. what does it take for you to call a friend a friend?

Us girls seem to love having friendships with either other girls or some girls prefer friendships with men, am I right?

  •  Which do you prefer to have a chin wag with Men or Ladies mates?
  • Why do you prefer it?
  • And what is it that you like about your choice of chatter?


Let’s chat ladies and if men wish to answer that would be nice…… let’s see if we get a few to answer some simple however, could be an interesting banter. I would prefter you to be brutally honest…..

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  1. My close friends have been mostly females. There have been some guys that I’ve felt very comfortable talking to, but things tended to get complicated for one reason or another.

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    • Oh, Ashleyleia, well, that is nice to hear about your friends being female, I found it very one sided.. and those men which knew the difference between being a friend and other is about boundaries… hmm thank you for your answer

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  2. I prefer women relationships because whenever I had a man as a bestie they would end up confessing their love for me.

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