Trust yourself …. Not some fool, that has no filter……….

Life is about Connections, Friendships, Families, respect, for each other and having many areas of our lives to come together and live a beautiful life.

What happens when you STOP talking or when those things that mean so much to you start to drift away because you think that you know better..

I believe that we are all should only listen to our own inner self, we should only invest in people that gives you something back… never invest in those that use you because their day is boring or perhaps they feel deep down if they give you bad information mainly because they are a little insecure about themselves… and you are easy to manipulate towards the negitive !

How revolting, how cruel, how sad!!!


Because you lost that focus on your good behaviours… and you listened to someone that has NONE…..

Don’t ever think that your behaviour is ever going to be discounted because of what someone said.

Your behaviour will always be judged on what that person has always known about you.. not to mention on how easy it is … to discount how others are so influent of you… mainly because that person said so, because he or she has their own insecurities…

Of themselves.. not you….

Trust yourself… not them………………………

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