Young, Dumb and Broke… We both wish you Love read our message….xx

Life is what you make of it… nothing is ever written in stone…



Young, Dumb and broke, what a title and what a song!

Indeed, we have so much in common we argue all the time, you always say I am wrong I am pretty sure I am right!

How profound, we still have love to give, these words are so present with us right now, even though we are not High School kids, sometimes even older “youngish” adults feel like kids.

We still got love to give!

Life is not so funny when you “finally wake up from Hell”, and realise that even though it was not long ago that we where kids once and a little dumb oh, and Broke!

So, remember this when you think all things feel like shit, give yourselves a bit of a break and say to each other, wow, we are alive, we are still together no matter how many stupid ideas we all come up with, well we survived it!

Not one of us is perfect… in anything we do, we try, we live, we make mistakes, we try again harder, and at times we even fall back down again, nothing is ever easy, now is it.

Our marriage has been amazingly, beautiful, challengingly difficult, adventurous, deserving, not so deserving, we both have had many happy moments, extreme levels of sadness, we have struggled, won many, lost many, we have cried an ocean (well I have) worked very hard, lost jobs, lots myself in a bit of madness and we crawled back up again..

If anyone on this planet can tell me that none of the above has not happened to you then I would have to say, Bullshit!

Here are some of our Secret ingredients to living a life better a more positive light!

  • Your love for each other is pure and real never forget that…
  • Try and remember the best times in your life together

Remember that no marriage is easy and if they say it is they are lying!

Do the best you possibly can, because it is worth your time

Never ever settle for someone that you feel does not give you what you give them

Your both individual people so both remember you both do not own each other

Marriage is a unity that is bonded by strength, love, trust, communication and love

  • Tell each other what you want, feel, desire, and listen to each other they are telling you because they trust you…love you and want you to share their life together…

If your partner cheats.. ask what was it that I could not give you that another did

  • Never, ever take each other for granted!
  • Always remember your journey together, it matters!
  • If you ever feel sad tell reach other what it is that makes you sad
  • I believe in saying what you feel, because if you don’t it is so easy to lose that part of you if you dont… so talk to each other!!
  • Remember to tell each other how much you adore one another
  • Hug, Kiss, Hug again, kiss and do it with all your heart because tomorrow may never come
  • As a couple there will always be times to through in the towel, but, remember you wont, why? because the bigger picture is too precious to through in the trash…
  • Don’t be scared to express your feelings it’s a good thing for both of you
  • Never allow yourself to ignore things that will mean the most in how you grew with each other
  • If you feel you both havent there will always be time to do this

Family will always be your family so make the best of a difficult or perhaps great unity it is your birth right to criticize them… 🙂

  • Life is about learning so keep learning
  • To those that do not argue… start discussing what you want from each other and remember an argument is good for you both because there is always “make-up sex”!
  • Laugh together, Cry together, love together, never think that you can’t express what you want to each other
  • Also, to my dear friends your our dearest friends and we love you more today than any other day or those first days we met you as kids.
  • Never, ever think for one moment that you’re not good enough, because you all are
  • Music is the answer so select those moments that you both can enjoy loving words in a melody that means the most to both of you
  • Go for beautiful walks with your family “this is the moment to do it” remember when your kids are fully grown you will miss those beautiful special moments that only last a little while in your parental moment 
  • At the end of the day you both will only have each other so never forget it because you are both the best that you can be as a couple

So, those beautiful words above are real, the mean so much to me and I am sharing them with those that want to read this post… read them together .. please.. because they are from us with love and hugs to you all…

21 years together on the 16th October and I have to tell you it was worth every minute, every living , breathing loving moments of highs, lows, even damn well side ways 🙂

Love Franny and Courtney,

Life is all about learning and it isn’t the destination, it is always the Journey, that you both travel…

So lick the Bloody Spoon or he will do it when your not looking 🙂

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  1. Aww, happy pre anniversary. Thanks for sharing these wise pieces of advice. xx 💋

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  2. Thank you, very kind hun much love x

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