Blurting words on a Blog… seeing if anyone wants to read…

Today my day has been very tiring to say the least!

Emotionally spent is what I would call it!

Little energy, and a whole lot of disappointment I would put it… however, not in myself nor my husband or my family not really sure what I am trying to say!!

Just a bit tired I guess you could say a little under the weather today!!!

Selfish, as it maybe, but, I would be lying to say anything other that the truth!

What am I really saying to anyone that wants to read my silly banter on a blog?

Well, I would like to say a lot actually, and mostly nothing, just me saying stuff built out of emotional tiredness I guess, I watched by dad yesterday remissness about his brothers, sisters, Antonio (Vito) his brother that died at the age of 12 while getting hit by a car… his spirit was wild and naughty just like anyone who has a wonderfulness of vest in their life-like he did.

He took 12 days to pass away those days and these days would have made a difference but, to my dear dad that moment of talking about his brother made me feel so present of what life feels like when subjected to your own mortality.

Is life fair?

Not really, however, it all depends on what you want or expect from yourself and those that you love around you!

Plus, it also depends how much you put into your life, doesn’t it?

Or does it?

So,  sounds melancholy the way I am typing this and to be perfectly honest, what am I trying to say, maybe something or nothing, I really have no answer…

So, when is it that we actually start to open up our own lives to see what we have done that was that special on life?

What is it that we want to do that will make us all so happy enough to go, I lived a good life?

And what is a good life when you are facing your own exit?

I guess we will one day find out what that truly is, right?

Bloody hormones, menopause, not taking tablets, being 50, loving it, hating it, who really knows what it is all about.. Just blurting words and feelings on a blog that most don’t want to read nor comment.. such is life I guess…

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  1. OMG! You will laugh but I totally get what you are saying/not saying in your ramblings!! 😄xx

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