Are we as in women that different to you as a man?

Men think that just because we are married, have children, go to work, spend money to keep each other fed, clothed, are we any different to MEN?

Hell, Bloody NO!!!

What makes you think we would say NO!!

When did you think for one moment that SEXUAL fantasies is something that MEN only think of……

Well, let me tell you WE Women are more sexual than you all think!!

If I am wrong… then please ladies tell your partner or ex partner just how sexual you really are and what do you consider is sexual?

These questions are not difficult but, they do take a women some pride, some adventure and some bravery to answer and say it without conviction…. right!!

Well, unless I am the only female on this planet to tell it how it is….am I????

So, ladies, do you have that bravery to say how you really feel?? Sexually???

Tell us what is it that gets under your skin when your man comes home from work late and your horney and want to have really hot sex and he well, thinks you don’t have that in you?????

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Do you?

Or am I the only female that has a sexual drive that I have to say is off the charts??

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