Naughty Questions I do Love them…!!! he,he,he… SIGH!!!!

What to do, How to do it, that is the question my friends 🙂

How well do you trust other’s that cannot even trust themselves in other’s?

We are humans have this knack to want to help those who cannot help themselves?

However, we are so right in our own minds that we tend to preach so damn harsh on each other, right, where we go, seriously, he isn’t perfect! Who the hell does she think she is? 


How rude we all are to each other?

What we should say to each other is that is excellent, okay, I can refine that better by telling you what I think, feel, how to look at a situation, without pointing that finger so harshly!

I ask you a question about cheating and already we study that question and turn our backs.. instead what you should do is what does she mean?  Is she being judegmental? or is she actualy asking why people do what they do without judgement??

Do I have an imagination??? HELL, YES!!!

Well, no judgement here, I am just curious about why, and how, and what is it about them…

I know it’s a horrid word, cheating, fucking around, doing it behind someones back, or even bringing a man  when wifey doesnt see and test that envelope…..I say shucks how interestingly HOT!!!!

Hot things we do … testing, loving, sexing, doing, sneaky little kids we all are… just to test those hot, hot, and I will say it again HOT nights of Naughty!!


Whichever, I feel, that life is about asking questions, and hoping others are brave enough to answer.. that is all…

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