HOTBOT…. Review…from Candii x

HOTBOT the Movie


It has been a long time since I have laughed my head off – well, this is the Movie although it isn’t the best actors, nor the best movie, it is bloody funny and I needed a good laugh!

So, if you want to watch a B grade funny movie this is it… so funny however, it all depends on your “own” humour and what your mind wants to watch, really!

Let your movie senses go and do yourself a favour think, back in the 80’s, think back when movies where really stupid, dumb, and with a bit of stupid thrown in and put your geeky hat on and you will scream loudly and you will enjoy this stupid, funny, rediculous movie slapstik maybe but, friggin laugh your gutts out..

Let me know what you thought but, get your giggles on and watch this stupid, rediculous silly movie of two kids who are “virgins” want this girl…….

Oh, and a dumb idiot old dude who paid over $500,000 for this sexdoll…

OH, my gosh, I give it a 5 because it did make me laugh, so much!!!


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