Soul Mate – What does it mean to you?

What do you think is a True Soul Mate?

I believe soul mate comes in many forms of good will, it’s a person or if your lucky person(s) that could be your partner, best friend, a person who inspires you, loves you and you them for many reasons.

Soulmates is about two or more… not just one person…

They say true soul mates never really get together because it’s more like a walk through your life and you meet those different like-minded people who make you feel warm, loved, friends, adored, they click with your mind-set and make you feel comfortable and happy, sad, make you dream of things that are just beautiful and make you know you’re welcome in their life.


We often come across beautiful souls that open doorways of hope, a place to imagine just how adored our souls are it’s when you find them they often stay for a little while, go for a long while or even settle and never leave you.

Sometimes they are kindred spirits of yourself and they are people who have know you before time started…

Soul mates are truly divine in so many ways, they are the essence of yourself and more so than that… we meet so many people in our lives they either make us happy, sad, disappoint us, bring ups up and raise our spirits, they give us hope and love in so many unexpected ways that sometimes it is difficult until they are gone from your life that you trully understand what they did for you.

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A true soul mate never really leaves, they are always around however, their soul can only give you what you give back to them maybe that is why soul mates never truly connect forever and stay only a little time in your life…

I am really not sure why they never stay… who knows, really what a true soul mate is I guess it is someone or even to some this will sound stupid it could even be a pet to those that understand what a true mate is…

For me a soul mate is my husband, my best mate, my dear friend, and a person who just gets you and enjoys you for you… Their expectations are never over the top nor is yours our souls are uniquely wired and for some I believe they are wired for those chosen few in our lives…


A soul mate is the so uniquely wired and perfectly designed to unite with your soul life a perfect fit never over the top and always respectful to your every need that you both give to each other..


Maybe that is what a true soul mate is… once upon a time a very long time ago for me I believed in love at first sight!!  I personally, saw it like a light flashing before your eyes and then reality hits harshly and said to me, not for you, not now, until you have lived your life to understand what that truly means to you…

I could be wrong… what do you think a soul mate means to you??

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  1. ♥️ Beautiful post! A soulmate is someone that loves you unconditionally because they know your true essence. xx

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