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Lovense Provides Musical Orgasms in ‘The Theremin-X Project’

Matt Bierner, a self-described “maker,” has combined Lovensevibrators and a Theremin in his latest experiment in “modded reality,” which looks at using technology to rework and remix one’s sensory experience of the world.

In “The Theremin-X Project” video, musician Armen Ra plays the Theremin while three participants/audience members wear Lovense’s Bluetooth vibrators, Lush and Hush.

The artsy videos showcase the audience’s reactions to the Theremin as the conductor’s hand dictates the tempo and pitch of the music, which, in turn, increases the intensity of the vibrators.


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“With this setup, the musician ‘plays’ the sensations and emotions of the audience while the audience submits themselves to this,” Bierner said.

“Really, in a way, this is sort of what music is already about, the vibrators just make it obvious.”

Filmed in a futuristic and avant-garde style that’s comparable to a piece of contemporary art, the video’s concept goes beyond the pleasing aesthetic.

There could be practical applications; the company says, noting people’s physical reaction to sound, with some even comparing it to a sexual orgasm (aka, frisson).

“Studies have shown that binaural beats can induce a state of deeper relaxation, stress relief, and help reduce anxiety,” the company says. “Could this new approach of combining sexual stimulation with music help those who struggle with arousal or elevate our physical responses to the songs we love?”

The sex toys featured in the video also support popular music platforms like Spotify and will sync their vibrations with users’ playlists.

“So, whether you are a practitioner of tantric sex (and enjoy using sensual sounds to enhance the experience), or more of a thrill seeker looking for a sensory overload, this feature will help you find the buzz you are looking for,” the company said.

Music is an Art form designed with beauty, a ear for understanding, a lustful imagination, an endless, sexual journey to a masterful delight of beautiful erotic places that we all want to travel too.

Erotic enjoyment can take you to a higher sensual awareness, where your senses loose themselves as you close your eyes, achingly waiting but, sexually glide your fingers down your erect  hard nipple,  to your a wet, sexually hot achingly swallen…………. ……. to enjoy while watching those that you lust for sexually gasping as your breath pants impatiently waiting, with each tender touch of your swallen but, yet, patient….puss…LOL …………………………………………….. need work on my erotic writings…. I am a bit rusty….. Candii xxx

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