Good Riddance to Yackerty Yack, don’t come back!!!

So, late two days of not sleeping very well and pains in the stomach so bad tonight I just could not sleep so here I am writing exactly how I am feeling!

So be prepared for rubbish…lol


I started HRT Femoston-Conti – about a week ago and what do you think occurred – my period came back gushing like no tomorrow.. sorry it is true.. so off to the Doctors I go making sure all is okay…

I feel okay, very tired, bit worn out, a little over it these days, I am suppose to complete a few assessments, it is like someone was sitting on my head making me do everything but, finishing a few assessments…

Anyway,  it is 2:07am in the Bloody morning even our two dogs are snoring accept me.. too much energy, not enough exhortation god, knows, is getting older like a house landed on your head… oh I already said that, damn it!!

It’s funny my Doctor said, after I told her about my studying, she said, well, have you had any issues after starting your course, LOL, are you serious, I replied, said with a laugh, Hell, yes!!

She laughed,  Hmm, I did say I did feel like I had a few areas that needed a little bit of help, yes!

I have to agree, with her my little life has been rather big and a little bit horrid in some cases, some good, some just darn right nasty, really!

This part will make no sense to those reading it…. mainly for me atm….Reflecting on my week gone by….

You know I do love to reflect however, this just darn right annoyed me a little this week!

I bumped into a real doosh bag that I had hoped would have been dead by now…(btw when I said, that I did cross my fingers… NOT!)

God willing, however, nope, still breathing, revoltingly older, drugs had a lot to do with it I suppose, fantastic when you see that bit…. nasty as I might sound, this character was a real doosh bag….cost me a lot of money…

What a lying sac of shite, I must add, receipts.. LOL, he has receipts.. oh brother, of my money I loaned those many years ago!!

Sometimes, makes you wonder that … those you trust…well have they got any brains… at all… nope don’t listen to me….nope…the doosh has receipts..!!!!!

Oh, well,  he can stick his receipts up his asshole for all I care….. and well in his own self appraisal of bull crap .. such a liar… receipts Far out!!! 

There are many things in life that will trail your patience liars of the truth will always end up dead beats…. my memories was looking at him in cradle position crying like a baby… HA!! payback that was enough for me to see…

Life is about forgiveness … there are some you can never forgive…however, let this also pass… Nothing is free of hurt … however, him, I can say… there are somethings that I have to say isn’t worth my time, effort or these words that I will delete later…

But, a definite learning experience…


That felt so much better, Now with GOD I can GROW…. btw…. that was a bit of a dig at someone that well, never mind…..let them find out themselves…..

My Dad often says, you can teach them or loose them….. well, is right!!!

As my title says, loudly,

“Good Riddance to bad revolting rubbish”


Remember this song…..take out the trash… Yakety Yak never come back!!!!

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  1. A little bitterness there ~ maybe. ❤

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