Why is Sex a 4 letter word?

Why on Earth is it that offending to talk about SEX, I mean really?

Let me remind you all that SEX is what made you, me and even the damn Pope in Rome was delivered and guess what…

Have you even thought when your creation was made or how it was??? Let me open a few of your eyes of choices you can think about while eating dinner….

  • You could have been created on the bonnet of a car in a dirty car park late at night!
  • Maybe you were created in a dimly darkish room while a few old mates came over to say hello to your mum by gracing her body with love as they hate this word but,  gxxg bxxg her  on a late Saturday night filled with Lust, Passion and of course love… go figure even a threesome is under that title..
  • Maybe it was beautiful and that night was the most Romantic night of our lives and we then created you a perfect little baby.

This post is going pair shaped and I am loosing my mind yet again.. I am consistently pathetic!!!

It seems I read the other day a couple that had been married for 3 years in America of all places didn’t even know where to put their sexual organs… mainly his penis… in?

Yes, he had been making love in her ass for over 3 years, wow, now that is something!  Well, what can I say to that… Butt… pardon the pun!

We are never happy about anything… what is it about people that we think that we are hardly done by …

Any thoughts why people are all so FRIDGED, about this subject???

I often wonder what it takes to show those you love that SEX can be beautiful and SEX can be sexual and not something that is cheap and nasty … We really do live in a society that rules by what we can do with whom we can do it with….

Personally, my thoughts about being sexual is this.. we should never label our sexuality ever, this would have stopped bullying, people who slander and make you feel less than worthy to another… and for men well, it would be the hardest to ever be real if they ever wanted to explore their own sexual fantasies..

I find most people are really horrible to each other they treat each other with such hostile responses they deny themselves to be real with those that love them, respect them and would never hurt them but, even loving someone or others seems not enough for them… or him or her..

Is this the reason why people don’t talk about sex?

Because they fear those that care about them or do they just fear those that care too much or not enough?

Perhaps, that is why people don’t really talk about sex because that word seems to be spelt by for nasty words.. who knows… Anyway, enough of that… now a bit about my thoughts…

Break time for FRAN..

So, I bid you all ado…. I need to stop for a while and hopefully after a few weeks, months I will return to this.. I may respond to some but, I really need to study and stop bitching or moaning.. whichever!!!

Head down bum up… sorry my punning letters are terrible..ahemmm

… Blogging is therapeutic for some however, it seems for me it just makes me sad, unhappy, and to be perfectly honest very isolated and alone… multimedia is a very lonely soul sucking, and it seems it is very cold here…  very little responses and everyone on here seems so unhappy with their lives.. and I get it..

When your spirit is zapped you snap!

Not a good day for me today… however, for the last few months I have decided to see a therapist and will take some anti depressant to help me get over some of my very low days that seem to make me feel angry and this feeling seems to be often..

It seems that even my own personal relationship is suffering because it seems that communication that I had thought was great has started to crack and that is very upsetting to me I had thought it was doing well.. I should have realised that self medication of the bad kind wont help you mend your own life…

It will destroy your life Drugs, Alcohol and many other factors that affect you or others can and will kill you if you don’t allow your body to mend and heal…

My words seem a bit off.. I guess that is because people mean more to me than words spelt wrong on a blog like this can and will destory your life as well…And today a family member at his own home was stabbed in the stomach just because of  someone owing money to another….And that my friends is just enough for me to go Wtf…..

lucky enough he is still alive but, it really does matter those that we love, those that we care for … It does matter and we must be present OR one day they will be gone and you will be left thinking why didnt I just say this………… do this……….

We stop taking risks why? Too hard to tell those you Love them..? Or is it easier to say, I hate you!

And it will be painful, hurtful and we will have regrets all because life is such a stressed out deprived of loving nurturing people who know how to embrace love, we have not yet created a drug that will help you release a beautiful feeling of love… Some would beg to differ with me… LSD comes to mind..

I wonder if we could create a drug that will help you love each other better, wilder, open people’s hearts, have endless and open love for one another… and live a life full of happiness.

I am tired of trying and I am so damn tired of never being that first person in someone’s life that meant more.. never the first always the last.. 

To dream of the impossible dream is like dreaming that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow… and we all know that is not true…

Loving or Trusting shouldnt be this difficult should it? 

The Easiest emotion in our live time is to tell those we hate them, we never loveed them and we will never allow ourselves or them that satisfaction of ever feeling this emotion ongoing forever.. why would we deny ourselves living better?

Because we are that scared of being told that we are not worth loving or we are not worth their time, and most of all we should never show each other how much those people mean to me… or you or even them…

All because your fear being unloved yourself..

Guess what, your wrong, there are some beautiful souls like me that could never not love completely why? Because my heart loves you first and my mind tells me later but, my eyes never lie because I cannot ever lie…

Never let go …because if you do… you will lose the best part of YOU…. so try and be you.. not everyone has to like you..

Not everything is yours logical and safe my friends… you MUST dive in deep and live your life with the best version of you..



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