Our Past failures have no relevance


George Bernard Shaw once said, “We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future”.

I had an amazing breakthrough recently when after a long journey of going through past experiences to resolve current conflicts or learnings, the noise, or haze stopped about my past, I felt that my life journey is not always dictated by others e.g previous relationships, friends opinions,  parents etc

Why do we need our past to justify and complete us to achieve that it is okay to understand, how much weight do we need to attach to the past to go forward?

The above was actually written by my talented husband and I have to say he has a point don’t you think?

We must, however, be honest with ourselves I believe that it all depends on the leverage of what a person has gone through Trauma, PTSD, whichever it lands under a tragic event or in my case events that did occur in my life was unfortunate and I wish it never occurred.

I think the sad part of trauma is that a small part of you is stolen or it slips away without you even being aware of how this will affect you in your current life if it does then you need to understand you’re going to have a life that will limit your lifetime of happiness.

We have no other choice but, to find help from others this is something you must understand when reading this post from me.

To be able to move forward and live a life full of love with “no regret” – these are the steps that I took before walking my path.

I have made a promise to myself:

  • I will learn to love myself and forgive myself for my past as I want to live a life of love going forward.
  • I will learn how to let go of my anger, resentment, guilt, hurt, pity and sadness it makes me feel about myself and those that I love
  • I will get up each day and try because I deserve a full life of love for me
  • I will thank those who have helped me because without them I could not be where I am today
  • I will embrace and thank each good day going forward with rewarding myself with a smile, laughter and effort that I enjoy because joy is a path to happiness.
  • I will learn how to deal with my trauma by whatever, is intended to be released from the events that made me be who I didnt want to be
  • I will learn to trust, love and give my best to those who are helping me live a better life

You must understand that GOALS, in moving forward with Trauma, PTSD is very important in your everyday life because frankly, we must set ourselves limits to achieve greatness in our working life it is no different than in our personal lives.

I am still learning and will continue to learn everyday going forward because even though I may feel better I still will have times I wont be but, that is okay with me because it is better to live a little happier than to exisit with a heart full of pain..

This is what I have learnt and will be using for the rest of my life moving forward

This is my life now as time goes by I will be writing about what really occurred in my life and how I managed to break through each moment of each day.. going forward.

I do this because I truly care about others and do not want to see anyone that has suffered what I have suffered in my past.

Your past has no relevance to your present… so once that sinks in for you like it has for me… then you can see life moving forward better, easier, and happier…


Be honest, Stop finding excuses to stop, be present, never lie… I mean seriously why would you?

Grow up, hold yourself and always be respectful, it isnt about being right.. it is about being REAL….. once you have that forular… life will become easier…

And it will flow and make so much sense going forward.. and all that CRAP you once held so close will disappear like it never exisited…

Trust me, what have you got to loose?

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