Smell the roses ya silly buggers… get this journey started lol


We are in a world of endless possibilities of exploring this planet and embracing experiences as children, then teenagers, then young adults of course when you hit 30 we all end up rescuing those that require help.

Then we enter those 40;s and as we grow up that ladder of wisdom we should ask ourselves… what going forward have we not experienced but, are willing too..

I guess that all depends on your mindset, luck, a good understanding of where you have been and if you have learnt anything going forward.

So, going forward do we use the same language that we once used.. I say this all depends, the reason why I say this if we engage in a group of good people and we are mature to understand those chosen friends are good friends then of course you would stay a while and enjoy your like minded fun friends.

This experience is called being content with learning and having great moments of long conversations of learning and growing and loving yourself and those that you respect and love because frankly if you have not learnt just those two things by the time your are 50 then I would say to you this….

Why can’t “love and respect” be of a nature of growth, some of you will say but it is.. right, so my question to you is…. then “trust”, your journey and stay a while so you all can enjoy what your afraid to ask..

My past was of lack of understanding what love meant as a nurturing perfect family, to me it was made up of emotional wrecks of saying it how it is and at times if you could even hear yourself speak while eating at the dinner table because, we where all battling to be heard… lol

However, that was the opinionated people who lived at my house, mum, dad, and me and of course my brother… no wonder our house was solo no one wanted to build near us because we where all loud !

Anyway, getting back to moments of sexual understanding we are wired differently however, like-minded people are wired to those that think and are on that same level. and then we have the odd couple myself and my husband, now if our friends havent run away in horror… away from the opinionated courts and the over reactive fran, then kudos to anyone that wishes to stay and put yourself through with so much drama.

However, if we all where the same then this world would be bloody boring, thank god it is not and for once in our lives.. well in mind I have to say this is very brave that I have met those souls that have that level of stupidity like I do to stay…

Now, moving forward…. can we please grow lol


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