No such thing as Perfect… however, I beg to differ…. what that really means….

Did you ever feel that your life is about “all those that wants something from you”, so you give, and you give, and you give, to one day you just go hang on !!

I have given everything and more so… we all have…. don’t ya think it would be good just to relax and take a good risk and be ourselves… and just be….. or we could continue to go over this.. happy to talk about it.. chat all night long???




Oh, ok, one more time for those who are deaf…hehehehe

Because just a few 1 or 2 or 3 people or 2 or 1 the numbers are small and I will tell you why that is… okay if your luck to just have  1 that is enough.. however, we would get a bit bored with the same talk… or would we?

We could get a HUGE boat, you know live on this bloody 4 story boat.. okay, shit, ship.. with staff.. and someone that can perhaps wave.. a leaf over us while we sunbath!!

Yeah, right!!!

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The numbers are small because life to those who matter don’t really need many to exist and know that those ones who stay and fight and cry and tear at those that you love because simply you love those few people who give you something everyone can’t.

Life isn’t perfect it isn’t always “rainbows and sunshine”, however, those chosen good few who ever they are partner, friends, family that just get you and love you for “you”!

It sounds perfect right?

Hell, No, those who know me what to scream and claw at me … for many reasons, but those few people who get you love you for you… and that is all what life is about!!

An imperfect people who like, hate, want to scream at you but, still they if you are lucky they get you, understand you and you them!!!giphy

Nothing those beautiful souls can do to each other will ever be as hurtful as those who didn’t put the effort, love,screaming,hugging, time in each other…

That is just Beautiful, and that is all I ever wanted…or could hope for in anything or anyone… when you have not experienced passion, devotion, trust, beautiful calm and laughed so hard because you just love each and every imperfect gorgeous person that you could ever hope for..

Without, any expectations…. how awesome is that 🙂


This afternoon I had a fight with the most beautiful pain in the ASS man I have ever met, well actually not true.. but, I wanted to say this.. because I knew this little man pissed me off with his negitive bullshit!!

Which it isnt bullshit really, my poor dad is battling a horrid terminal illness and he is pissed off…he felt that he is being punished.. which was the exact words I used to use as a little kid… and then I realised in that moment when I saw his face, shocked that his daugther for the very first time really, ever tell her dear old dad to have some manners.

He was furious and he told me without any hesitation, however, as both of us where steaming from our ears.. we stood our ground..all because we love each other so damn much it felt amazing…. I was sorry, however, I felt his love, his regret and lost of all his beautiful soul that was always and will always be with us… and with me forever…

You are one hell of a father and I would never trade you in for anything in the entire world my beautiful dad xxxxxx your daughter skin X

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  1. I lived on my boat for a while ~ I couldn’t recommend it. ❤

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