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I was blogging with a friend on my site and liked what we spoke about and it seems that we all get lost in trying to live the best life we can… Sometimes our mind-set gets a bit foggy and loses that clarity that seems to open up new neurons in our brain and I have to say when this occurs because it is new we automatically reject it not consciously but, our subconscious that is so hard-wired says, No, this does not compute!

Let me explain

I was discussing a topic this person put on their site it was about Confessions and Mistakes and as I am rambling I came to a thought regarding mindsets and ego, macho and stubborn behaviour.

The person stated about men being macho – A lot of men just like to prove to the world that they really are macho.

I responded with this – Yes, very much so and so they should however, there is a time when we all have to realise that … if all people where the same then of course our behaviour would be the same for example once when we where young… then we grow up and hopefully grow up and find out that we have actually grown so beautifully that those many years ago that once was isn’t now…. Then with the good graces of god we then see something a little different by those people who show us moments of how to live and love in a better mind frame than being selfish we find out that our mind-set and our behaviour isn’t the same that we have grown into people that have a better stronger and clearer understanding about how really to be real and centered and trustful by being your true authentic self removing all those selfish emotions like ego, pride, selfish behaviour, insecurities and see life with better glasses than being that younger self that only thought of their own needs… now think about the bigger picture… rewiring the brain is quite an art… if you only truly believed in yourself and a chose few if you are lucky enough

We are now living in a world of what I would call it confusion, it’s an age and those who understand this are people who are around my age 50.  Not everyone will however, those that have lived a life that made them better people now than once a long time ago when we where all reckless, young, irresponsible young people.

Then those people meet if they are lucky enough they meet people who have had a life that challenged their true selves by a better understanding and perhaps a better behaviour however, they never tried to change you instead they accepted you for you.

That quality there is the winning ticket of good quality personalities that are just grounded they maybe a little crazy, analitical, they may have a bit of ego, pride they also have a similar like any many other traits of simular behaviours that make them great friends and people.

For example – The BreakfastClub – Movie, this movie was about delinquents that where all different but, similar however, the movie was awesome because you could not get a group of people who where actually very different.

Within a 8 hour  these very different personalities went through so many emotions and their mind set about each other couldn’t be more wrong.. each one had a thought about each person and what they thought about them they said to them and realised that what they originally thought was very, very wrong!

Once they realised that everything about each other changed for the better, why? Because my lovely readers they opened up a different mindset and made them present it was amazing and so true.

We allow ourselves to blend into a society based mind-set as kids in high schools or perhaps Colleges have groups of teenagers – you have that nerdy group, the posh kids group, you also have that group of boys that are all the same bully boys, the pretty prim girls, the punks, the trendy groups.

Each group all gravitate to the same like-minded people and when they see another different group they all have the same judgemental bullshit which is – “don’t look at that group they are so weird”.

So what occurs is we seem to be so easily molded to being pressured into a wiring of acceptance all because of popularity as a kid, peer pressure, immaturity, a growing mind is a mind that only knows what it knows.. there is nothing wrong with that as long as you grow and become “a better version of yourself”.

To do this you must understand that we are all different unique, and have the ability to grow into a better version of what you are.

Some people as we are all aware will never change – others will maintain a little which means they rely on those groups to hold them up through out there lives by still having massive groups of friends.

However, then you have those individuals that dare do things on “their own”, they become independent, and move away from their “pack” or group and they prefer to learn by doing it solo, riskier, crazier, they are not drawn to that mind-set that once was as kids at high school.  There was that bit about them that liked to think without asking others how to think.. that’s a good thing!

I am very much like that, my husband and some of my closest friends are like that and that is what makes them interesting, they stand out of a group because they have a voice that is profoundly normal to you… That is why we like different songs, foods, we like to think out of the box and we bring a variety of similar but, different shades of understanding to the table.

Even though our wiring maybe wired the same those chosen few can see that change is possible if you allow yourself to – “think out of the box”, and not allow yourself to be drawn to what society wants you to think.

Hard to explain but, not really, variety is the spice of life, we all love discovering new things and some of us like that security of staying within those walls, this is okay too we are all similar but, very different and that is okay…

Our mindsets and how we see things can and will define you if you allow yourself to believe in it.. and trust yourself firstly, let go of the bullshit of what was and give yourself a break and set your mind free to trust, experience, and believe anything, and everything can and will be…… if you only let it be…

That means whatever, you want it to mean.. it’s something I feel, I know can be whatever you want your life to be or live your life the way you wish, you MUST always understand, that if you do.. you have to be real about yourself and allow yourself to be present.

Re-wiring your brian is like erasing that mind-set that once was… is now better which means its had an upgrade app implanted into it to take in clearer data..


So, Trust, letting go of your Ego, your beliefs, see the world with better eyes, by being present, by removing your marcho,  and prissy teenage ego peer pressure group eyes and implanting a better version of eyes that seem people change into the same mind-set with a variety of better tools…

Believe in you, believe that you’re not the only person that is at that same level of understanding, that your not an expert but, you have that ability to listen and to allow others to make decisions based on their ideas, not that it is based on just your own… that is being selfish, that is being a person who is better than anyone else..

Let go of your mindset and allow others to give you their version of how they see things in the world.. you cannot program people to do as you want… like robots… that is just playing god, being full of yourself and really why would you want that?

Boring, as bat shit…. and really? You want a person to do as you say?

Wow, really?

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I prefer a group of independent like-minded people who bring variety, growth, positivity, a mind-set of understanding, openness, a mindset of never judge others, allow each person that ability to grow within themselves and always be kind to others that have had a life that challenged them and help them with trust, love and give them a chance to grow within themselves which means at times they will fall so wait.. and give them a chance by staying a while, show them something that they never had before and you have changed their lives and beliefs by giving them a kindness that they never had..

And that is the key to living a better life.. we must always understand each person has walked a different path and never assume what you don’t know.. give people who ability to find out and show them that you will always be there.. no matter what..

Never say I am here only until you fall.. that isn’t being there for someone who is limiting them to a short stay and that to me is cruel..

So, lovelies, do yourself a favour and watch this movie… it might open your eyes that what we are doing now is what they did in the 80’s

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