“Ignorance” – apparently it is “BLISS”, go figure!!

There comes a time in your life where once I thought I could do many things but, I am afraid that this isn’t one of them … What was I thinking that I could help others I doubt for one moment that I can really…


Silly me, stupid ridiculous me, I have decided that helping others is something I am not equipped with atm or will be in the future.


If we have eye’s then use them, if we know how to think then use it, if we have any idea of anything …USE IT!!!!!

If you want to help those that cannot help themselves….then HELP THEM!!!!

If you love then love them…. STOP putting your head in the sand just because others do…




I have tried and kept my openness to open and feel that people are just ignorant (thank you for that word) they are just that “Ignorant, rude, precious, closed off and many other words that make me sick, ill and feel like why bother,  I cannot even put my finger on it or ever want too!

Sorry, I am done, had a guts full of crap and frankly find people so horribly closed up that even these words I am struggling with…be0a0a3dd8ed5e6fbe98a6cbd9ac282c--life-s-smile-everyday.jpg Nope you don’t which is exactly that…

Time for me to get a normal job .. stop my studying and just be real that from now on I will just never take a chance, hope that people would have been open to taking risks that really where not risks in the first place…

Back to living a real life… help a husband pay for a mortgage and live life just like everyone else on this planet and let someone else do the hard yards..

For me openness is now closed off and frankly why should I bother when others cannot even understand the spoken word of what a person says…

So, today onwards I will talk about God, the spoken word for negitive abliviion and whatever others like to say that will bring down others..

What is happiness?

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Stuffed if I know.. ask someone else that could potentially put up with bullshit and crap that everyone on this planet seems to want to talk about on blogs and forums…

For me I give up!!!!

For now and forever ….. AMEN!

Go for a flying leap peeps, you all win, I am out and I have no intent in coming back my body, soul, and everyting I thought was a possibility is never going to be..

That is all I have to say for now…images (18)

Life is beautiful, just no one seems to understand those words and I am tired of trying… anymore…

So, many do try however, what they lack is this….. say the words that you mean STOP assumming that we UNDERSTAND….. LOVE… is not a given….. you must work at it… so, why think we understand when frankly we obviously, DON”T….

We are only HUMAN….. however, some of us think that we should be SUPERHUMAN….. we error more than we do what is RIGHT…. however, who is RIGHT…… too many factors not enough CHiefs……. our planet needs Leaders…. not people who hide behind others because it is too hard….. 

Ignorance, Silence, Finger pointers, people who would rather keep their opinions to themselves.. then help… or is it perhaps I have no idea anymore… all I know is I am tired of fighting, for those who want me to fight… and frankly it is lonely, and solo… and not even worth it.. because NO ONE IS LISTENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ciao Franny

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