Dating sites? Would I go ahead with it? or would I sit there and watch? or would I do it???

Is it all about sex?

IF I WAS SINGLE – I would be on sites like that…. Or would I????

I have to be perfectly honest, if I was “single”, I would be on there like flynne! Which means I would be signed up sexed up and ready to go!!!  Or would I???


I find it interesting that as soon as you perhaps put something a bit crazy like I do… it seems they back off a bit???

Sounds funny when it is said like that but so damn true….

Man oh Man, or should I say, Man oh Girl oh Man? Or Oh girl oh girl oh girl?

I think I am now confused…

Way too many options, for me ? NOPE!

I went on a few of these sites with my husband for a test… well, I thought it was a test however, not sure, really, it ended up being just that “A test of wills”, “”Yipes!!!””

However, we must see what is out there and let me say, NO, thank you , very much!!

Swingers, Gang Bangs, Orgyies, Private Parties, MMF’s, MFM’s (apparently the way you type the letters there is a difference stuffed if I know) then you have MMM or FFM (which is considered a normal 3some) and FFF which I have to say I didnt see out there…

However, I think I may have to go on a different site which is female only for FFF and Male only for MMM.

Still, I looked around, chattered to delightful dudes that want to be into US as a couple but, for the life of me… just can’t do the one night stand thing!!

Grew out of that when I was single, young and stupid really!!

Men, love us couples, they love us, want to enjoy us, personally I think they are either after the male or the female of the two, but, who would even know how men think!!

I certainly don’t, it was an eye opening experience – however, not my thing!!

So, what is your thing peeps???


Would you do that with your partner?



Are you happy with both of you snuggled up at night?

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