Lessons Learnt, good, bad and frankly sad… however, it was a lesson…

Let’s Look at this shall we…..it is all about being honest, open and letting go of the past and allowing yourself to be free..


Was it Simple?

Did I learn anything?

Have I opened up?

Have others?

Well, to answer the first life is never simple, I did learn a lot , that most people will never change and will always limit themselves to being unseen, or never allowing themselves to trust others.

I have opened up more which I do thank those that helped me however, I will say this is limited to those that limit themselves to not opening themselves only partially.

I always believe that to open is sometimes is about helping those who cannot see things for themselves… this is made up of many levels past, present and possibly future.

I also noticed “talking” over “talking” if you have to repeat this normally means no one listened so you repeat those horrid past again and again and again..

Which makes you feel that no-one really believed you or perhaps where looking for an exit because it all became too difficult in the first place.

However, what pissed me off was the slaughter after opening up my past, saying why are we talking about it… scratching my head, thinking well, to be honest I don’t want to talk about anything in my past… why don’t you open up…

Then I would get nothing but “air” nothing so again it was all about me … “YUK”, seriously why all about me again.. so boring…

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What has Franny learnt in the last few years…

Well, if I have to talk about me again well, I think I will throw up – nothing in my past is now in my present…

However, being the only one that talks is a well, I don’t know once you talk about it there is nothing really other than repeating the same piffle really.

Anyway, I learnt that past experiences are left there because they don’t matter, live your life happier, because frankly why wouldn’t you want that to be present in your life.

Other peoples drama is basically there own bull shit drama and doesn’t exists in my life  – this really shits me talking about others.. and I do.. and hate it… so this needs me to be present more… and  STOP this part … (difficult as we are women and this is what we do)

People only stay a short time and that is okay

Letting go of hurt is hard however, it does set you free…

I had thought that growing more together was the number 1 thing but, I had this thought in my head that others had to step up a bit themselves but, unfortunately they didn’t I guess that is okay… it was a pity though..

Lastly, I wanted to say how much I miss some people that I felt so close too.. that really upsets me connections, of some really made my life open to new possibilities and that was the greatest sadness I felt these last few months, weeks… 

That is about it really that last paragraph I could go into but, I wont… lessons learnt was hard and difficult, happy and sad… not much else on that subject really.

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