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Here is your Sagittarius Horoscope for September 2018. Every month, you will find at WeMystic the astrological forecasts for your zodiac sign.



On September 25, the Chiron retrograde will enter the IV House of Sagittarius, alluding to an important moment for those who wish to heal emotional wounds received in childhood or linked to the mother figure.

Previously, the final weeks of Chiron in the V House of the centaur (where he will return in 2019) will invite you to reflect on what hinders the free expression of your talents (when you feel blocked), and the enjoyment of romantic games.

Couples of this sign will experience the awakening of sensuality and pleasure, thanks to the entry of Eros into the VII House of Sagittarius (16/09), an area where Juno will also enter (29/09), promoting commitments and changes in the status of long-standing relationships

Finally, the passage of several planets over the XI House of the centaur (Ceres, Mercury and the Sun) will motivate the natives of the sign to socialize with greater enthusiasm, sharing quality time with friends, colleagues and possible business contacts (especially during the second half of the month).


Finances will improve for Sagittarians during September. The end of the Saturn retrograde and Pluto in the II House of the centaur (on 05 and 29/09 respectively), fosters maturity and responsibility in the topic of resource management.

This transit will be reinforced by the entry of Vesta in the same location (II House), on 17/09, which will present interesting opportunities for economic recovery.
It is important to remember that this influx of money corresponds to payments that you should have previously received (for example, payment of forgotten debts or outstanding salary adjustments).

Pluto refers to hidden riches, so once its apparent phase of retreat is over, it is worth asking yourself if you are using all the resources (or talents) within your reach to receive what you are looking for.

In the workplace, the presence of retrograde Uranus in the VI House of Sagittarius can generate tensions, disorganization and stress by the pace of work. However, it can also drive ways to express your ingenuity.

At this moment, risky proposals may not enjoy the greatest popularity. However, that does not mean that you forget them or that you cannot carry them out (later). Take advantage and refine the details.

The asteroid Palas will enter your X House on 04/09. The Sun is in this location (until 21/09), and Mercury will visit it quickly from 05 to September 20.
These alignments point to the planning needed to achieve success. In other words: if you want to specify your goals, you must move through them (consult a mentor or business coach, participate in events that expand your network of contacts, acquire new skills, update your curriculum, design a realistic work scheme that puts a name to your goals).

In this sense, the New Moon in Virgo on September 9 will affect the X House of the centaur, providing an opportunity for reinvention in everything that relates to the vocation, and how you project your professional image before others (what differentiates you from the competition).

With the passage of Ceres, Mercury and the Sun in the XI House of Sagittarius (on 06, 21 and 22 September, respectively, the) green light is given to projects developed as a team (or that generate massive impact). The collective effort will be worthy of recognition.

Finally, for students of Sagittarius, September will be a quiet period, in which time will be spent planning small trips or retreats with friends, and meditating on the challenges of academic life.


As Uranus keeps retrograding in the VI House of Sagittarius, episodes of stress associated with domestic and labor events will continue for the sons and daughters of the centaur.

However, the last weeks of Juno in this location (VI House of Sagittarius) will have a positive look. The asteroid of the commitment will pass to the VII House of the sign on the 29/09. Previously, it will point to reinforce self-care.

Under the influence of Juno, Sagittarians will be more interested in attending to the needs of the physical body, and not overloading it with demands of all kinds. It is essential to remember that love must start with you.

The ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter, continues in the XII House, so the connection with the spiritual world is a valuable tool for those who wish to work on their internal balance.

The practices of meditation or prayer (privately or in groups) are well accepted for this period of the year. So are relaxation exercises, especially before sleep.
The entrance of Venus into the XII House of Sagittarius will entail not only the appearance of old loves but also the capture of old patterns that could affect the development of your current relationship.

For example, judging your present partner based on past experiences, or how your former partner used to react or believe that the development of events will lead you to experiences that you have already overcome.

Keep in mind that you are meeting someone different. Remember that even if it was the same person, people who care about its expansion are willing to transform themselves and trace the path of their evolution.

Also, remember that we usually attract what vibrates (energetically and spiritually) in our same frequency, so it is worth asking yourself what makes you susceptible to this type of questioning and situation.

Finally, it is recommended to be prudent, particularly before giving your opinion to third parties, since Mars will enter the II House of Sagittarius on 10/09. This will promote mental agility and rapid understanding of the environment, but also difficulties in measuring the range of words, especially before friends, colleagues or a large audience.



From November 22nd to December 21st – As a sign of Fire, people of the Sagittarius sign are driven by their need for action, and are capable of taking bold steps to achieve their goals. Like Aries and Leo, this sign needs to discover the world. Instead of just sitting at home, natives of this sign prefer to discover everything.

This fire sign is influenced by Jupiter, the largest of the zodiac planets. Associated with luck and opulence, this planet makes Sagittarians often lucky in their life. Because of its large size, this planet is also linked to expansion and construction. On a daily basis, Sagittarians show unlimited enthusiasm, they have a great sense of humor and are very curious about life.

Difficulties can arise when Sagittarians are prevented from doing what they desire; the influence of Jupiter makes them eager for freedom, traveling, discovery, culture, and philosophy.



Sincere, but never hurtful, the Sagittarian man is the ideal friend. He always has a good advice thanks to her objectivity about things. Faithful in love as in friendship, she represents the perfect companion. But beware not to lose her trust. In fact, he has a stubborn side and if you disappoint him, she can withdraw her affection as quickly as she has given it.

Optimistic in nature, she tends to believe fundamentally in the goodness of human nature, at the risk of being constantly disappointed by her fellow men.


Like the woman of the same sign, the Sagittarian man is of a nature both optimistic and jovial, which makes him a pleasant person. He is also often surrounded by many friends, in whom he sometimes trusts very much. However, his friends often betray this trust.

Defying all forms of authority, he rarely complies with the basic rules of propriety. Punctuality, respect of a hierarchy or subjection to the laws are his thing. He is still a pleasant person to have by one’s side and often appreciated by his partners.



A native of this sign loves to please the person they love by booking exceptional adventures. They fear nothing. Beware though, as the Sagittarius man does not hesitate to fight if someone tries to steal his beloved. As for the woman, she knows very well how to attract attention. Since they like to discover new things, they don’t hesitate to cross borders to find someone to love. This allows them to know other cultures and other civilizations.

Furthermore, they are also funny, sociable and very determined. They don’t let themselves be intimidated and starts off as soon as they find the person they like; and if they find the one that can keep pace with them, they can be very good partners. Even if their adventurer side is scary, they know how to restrain themselves. They know their limits very well and know how to respect the other.

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