“Candii Sex-ercise” – Leviator….

Hey Candii Here,

Now for God’s sakes what do I mean well I mean the new comfortable bench made of foam and beautiful velvet… which soon I will be designing and making myself…

Yes, you heard it.. the new bench … have not yet called it a name but, I will design it and it will be available for you to design yourself alot less than what you can get it on the market…

Show me what you want and I will see if I can get it made or I will make it myself with slip able covers of many different ranges….

Candii style….



This is what I mean…



If this interests you please let me know if your interested in this – as you are getting older or perhaps you have a sway back as a female like I do or do you prefer to have better support so you wont hurt your back, neck or even knees well this seems to be the rage atm..


These will be washable, easy to put back on and much better for your back,neck bottom middle back and most of all it will “Aim to please”, with many different “Candii Flavors”.

They are even good to use as an excersise item… more on that later…

I will update you closer to the day on my new item which I will keep you updated on the “Candii elevator”, this name may change as I have not yet


Now these are not new.. however they are expensive…. you can purchase them at most places but, normally at a huge PRICE, so I am making my own…. not the above of course they are not mine… only using examples of what you can purchase mine will be HUGELy different.. and HUGELY  less expensive…. watch this space.. later gater…


“The Candii Sex-erciser”

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