Genie – A must watch video (children are our future so look after them)

This isn’t for everyone – but, we should be aware this did happen and has and is still happening in our world today….

It is revolting way of raising a child and how some parents should never be parents… I found this harrowing, revolting, the gun to the father’s head was an easy way out… but, this little girl will stay with me for a very long time.

However, if you allow yourself to watch further you will see how remarkable this child really is … and we must be present to our surroundings because this is why it is so important..

Susie, her guidance officer and young linguist, was amazing and was perfect to be part of her life…

Please be ‘PRESENT’, our children really need us to be….



Another HELL has risen from the Hollows of people who would careless of those that go missing, 11 years of hell, I could not even imagine what these girls went through for all those years….. by a 52 year old man who I hope goes straight to hell… This is where I believe a Eye for and Eye….. on all counts of “any child abuse”……. of “any kind”!!!!!


I say this with my hand on my heart…. No child should endure pain and revoltion so putrid that I even had problems posting this….. to show you or at least remind those that have forgotten….

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