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The Perfect Baby Shower


Writen by Kate

So you are the special person who has been nominated to plan a baby shower!

This can be a tough gig as there are so many decisions to make about the theme, guest list, decorations, catering, and how to entertain the guests.

The purpose of a baby shower is to celebrate the upcoming birth of their baby, therefore should be a fun affair that makes the mum-to-be feel like a queen for a day.

How do you achieve this, try following my tips below:

  •  The mum-to-be shouldn’t be planning their own shower, but it should reflect her personality.


  •  Consider her personal taste and style, ensuring this is kept in mind when making decisions about decorations, food, activities etc.  Your goal is to make the mom-to-be feel celebrated and at ease.
  • Include some heartwarming items such as, baby photos, childhood books or keepsakes from the parents-to-be’s childhood, and collate into a slideshow for guests to view, or into a photobook or scrapbook that guests can sign.

  • Games/activities are the best way to get guests mingling – especially since not everyone will know one another. You can keep the games super simple or opt for an activity instead. Something like a flower arranging or cookie decorating station will get guests up and chatting.

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