The “Mind” is an Amazing thing!


Our Minds are simply and incredibly amazing, resiliant and ever changing more than most would really understand.

Memory of what your morals, thoughts, ideas, challenges, traumic episodes even those moments of sadness and most events that you would rather leave out and memories of happiness and those memories that will forever be your “moral compass”.

“Moral Compass”, what a word in itself, a friend of mine used this word so fluently, it means, simply it means our deepest part of ourselves that makes a decision on what is right, wrong, good, bad it is when you “should” make a descion on a persons character which I have to say it’s like that part of your brain saying this is the right thing to do or he/she has the same values as you!

I forget sometimes that most of my descions are based by my “moral Compass”, which tends after so many events becomes a little distored to say the least!

Think about this for a moment – a simple formula that makes the person you are and how you see things currenly and in the future, really.  It’s like the “Pro’s” and “Con’s” of your life, I guess that is the best way to put it!

I tend to go.. alright let’s look at this “person’s charactor”, does the “good” out weight the “bad”, this seems to only happen to me once an event occurrs and then I watch like a hawk how people behave, then I out weight it, by watching how quick they calm down, they perhaps settle to themselves, what if people stay in that mindset and for how long they seem to stay in that mindset.

Then I go, okay well, this person has a ability to have empathy, simpathy, they tend to have a kindness that I understand, quick to temper, this then becomes my “life Compass”, it is the only real thing I have to guauge a persons character of being a friend, foe, mate, family worth keeping so to speak!

However, this also determines the other side of my scope of radar, I then see and notice more what others “don’t do”!

My moral compass is sharp and pointy which means I will give as much as I can and if you dont meet me at least 1/2 way in the middle then you really never found me that intereting or our friendship is limited to say the least.

Just like a relationship, I give you something, you give me something and then we work together, life is funny, isnt it… in everything we do we must have these emotional, respectful results I guess to work as a unity built up of friendships, lovers, partners, family and most of all teams.

My Values of what I would gauge as my Moral Compass

They are our values, respect, honour, trust, love, empathy, understanding, communication with one another, allowance of one another, good, bad, medium, a caring belief, manner I guess, a belief in others, helpful understanding of one another, appreciation, committment towards each other, you must co-operate, be courtesy, dedication to the cause. (lol)

It is made up of loyaty, reliability, honesty (truth), never hurt another physically, mentally, so many other beautiful qualities and values that everyone should express at one point in any relationship, friendship, even family and business.

What are your Moral Compass made up of ???

Here are other reasons, feelings, emotions and even thoughts on what this means

Many claim to have a simple formula on how to evaluate a person’s character. When you hear their opinions on it, it is clear that they form the basis of their opinion on only a single issue.

This is wrong because the sum of a person is not whether they make no mistakes in judgement. Instead it is the quantity and quality of those mistakes. A person could otherwise live an upstanding life, be very moral and very good in so many ways, and yet be guilty of a personal failing on a single issue.

Many people view the act of participating in infidelity a serious and unforgiveable act of selfishness and a egregious moral failing.  No one would argue that Martin Luther King Jr. was a man with an upstanding character, and an inspriation to us all.  His commitment to non-violence and  pursuit of social justice remains to this day an outstanding example of someone we should emulate.  Yet this same man was guilty of having multiple affairs.

Would we discount all the other work this man has done simply because he was unfaithful to his wife?

So when we evaluate a person’s character the only fair way to evaluate them is to look at how they conduct themselves in many arenas.  How do they treat strangers? How do they treat their enemies? Are they honest? Are they loyal?  Do they help others in need? There is many other criteria in which we can judge. None of this suggest that we weight all moral failings equally. Judging a person is based on the impact their moral failings have on other people.

One serious failing that many people share is selfishness. It is a serious moral failing to place your self-interests above your integrity and simply doing the right thing. If a person repeatedly avoids discomfort and sacrifice simply to further his own own agenda, while injuring another, this is clearly wrong. Protecting oneself should not ever involve sacrificing another person in the process.

Pride is also a serious flaw. Pride often limits a person’s ability to learn from his or her mistakes. It leads to over confidence in one’s ability to make good decisions and often makes it difficult to listen to the advice of others. People who cling, steadfastly, to an opinion or idea, even when it has clearly been demonstrated that they are wrong, suffer from the sin of pride.

Honesty is something that I consider crucially important. What I consider lying here is the case where a person willfully and knowingly misleads others simply to get their own way.  It is a huge moral failing to be able to and be comfortable with bending the truth easily. People with a stable moral compass will feel uncomfortable with it, and may even be reluctant to do so. Unfortunately, sometimes people believe their own lies. That’s a sign of complete dishonesty and demonstrates a lack of conviction. It is being a hypocrite to oneself and to others.

Lastly, how a person treats those they disagree with and those who are less fortunate in any way says a lot about ones character.

  • Many religions tell us to turn the other cheek when we are attacked. Living up to these standards can sometimes be very hard, maybe impossible.
  • Many people have a difficult time of it.


However the true test of character, or lack thereof is when a person is willing to treat their enemy with deliberate and sometimes calculated cruelty and abuse.

It becomes clear that he or she has no moral compass and no compassion for other people. When we lack conscience, then we lack humanity.

Humanity is what differentiates us from the animal kingdom.

We all make mistakes:

  • failures of judgment and failures of conscience.

People with a true moral compass learn from those mistakes and incorporate them into how they conduct themselves in the future.

People who don’t have a moral compass often make the same mistakes again and again because they never look closely at themselves and see their moral failings.

They are unable to improve themselves.

Then there are others who will sing to the cows come home about morality. Yet, those same people will judge you on a single issue as if they have never made a mistake in judgement.

Those people often are really judging their own moral failings that are often more abundant than the one they scorn. They are self-centered and they will often attack those they perceive as enemies with an unrelenting fervor. They will likewise ignore legitimate criticism as unfounded in lieu of doing things their way.

Treating people who treat you in a callous or malicious manner kindly is extremely difficult for even the most saintly people.

You can’t control what other people do, but you can control your response. No one can take your integrity away from you.  

And with a strong moral compass, even if you falter to some degree, eventually you will find the strength to do the right thing.

So, I will ask you again, what is your moral compass?

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  1. Acceptance, Honesty, Morality, Pride, Understanding, and delaying instant gratification.

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  2. I was just re-reading this piece I must admit I am sharped tongued to say the least … your values are lovely JC … nice to fluently what we feel judgement, and I guess more trauma shapes me or those that experience trauma in a different way… Hurt, betrayal, whatever, those that understand how this feels tends to be harsher on those they love… this isn’t really a bad thing and I am really nothing to be afraid of … I try to say as closely as I can how I feel, express myself the best I can and live a life.. hopefully full and loved that is my moral compass or as best as I really can do on this blessed earth… very nice values….. indeedly stated funny that last bit.. but, hey whichever is your thing.. kiddo

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