My Sky is stormy but my future is clearer..

Today was one rather revolting day I would rather not repeat again!!!

This is around all those good things we all want from friends, family and especially those we love and marry and those that we hoped that would rise above and see the true essense of what being happy is all about.

Toxic Environment is where people live and breath deceat they would rather use negitivate language, prey on people that are easy to render because once upon a time they where those nice people that loved so lovely….

For some reason to hate makes you feel better? Funny it is the easiest and the cruelist way to live a life but most love it because they know if they allow themselves to feel, be loved allowed themselves that beautiful essense of feeling then they too will fall victim to cruel people who thrive on a spirit that we all love to be surrounded by.

Cruel Intent and those who love to gloss lies.. because what for?


The story isnt horrible enough you want to apply more hatred to something that was already rotten?

Far out this society is full of nasty, lazy, controlling, abusive, people that take, and they take and they will take more and more until someone dies?????

For the victims that die they died because not one person that they felt deep inside was going to be there for them… to grab them when they fell… you cannot abandon vunrable people you should never hurt people who are fragile, ready to crack … why on earth would you do this to another????

It is dangerous it is so toxic and it is soul destroying to those that are doing the best they can with what they know….

I myself can feel that rage, that feeling of desparation that you feel when your alone, scared and you feel like not one person cares about you .. its a really dark place I have been there when I was 21 years old and I stopped someone from continuing humillating me then I settled because I had no others tools to help me grow or even understand what that means..(I so wish I did) if I did I would be a amazing women with whatever she desired which would be only happiness.

I am not a mean, cruel and even have that part of me that wants to hurt another that is not me and will never be me ever.. I find it the most cruelest expression of anyones character to make another feel less than they should be.

I love to love and be loved and have someone that loves me that is what I have always wanted to be and have.. I am not a fluffy person or a person that takes from another I am a person that wants to laugh and laugh, love and be happy with others…

It takes alot to be cruel, lie, cheat and do what most people on this planet do to each other for whatever reason they do it.. but, for me I would rather walk away learn and even if I am sad, crying and feel that my life is over it is better that I do this then live a life with someone that cannot see my journey going forward..

So, time for me to reflect and think better and clearer… try to be kind to each other dont tear people apart because you could end up with destroying you….

And them……. so take a big breath in and exhale love…….if feels good right 🙂


So this is it kids… my last bit before making a better journey

No person on this earth should make another feel less than and if they do.. then they are not worth it..

I love those that want to love and that is enough for me.. I would rather live breath and exist under a bridge with good people or by myself than with someone that takes every inch of your spirit from you.

I am a person who has searched for her entire life for souls that understand this emotion, feels this essence I can’t live in a toxic nasty environment because if I do… I die…

It will destroy me and I know it so well, that I felt it today with my entire heart and my spirit took a turn that I hated with every inch of my soul…

If I ever EVER feel that emotion again… there will be no turning back there will be no fair wells or anything kind especially to those that made me feel that low..

I will leave and never ever think to feel you and want that memory in my mind… you will not exisit..

It is the hardest and the cruellest emotional killing that anyone can ever do to another… this is why people kill themselves because they feel alone and defenceless.

No words, I have no more words on this… all I have is this.. be kind to those that have fallen so hard and teach them that … kindness if you keep beating them with cruelty they will die..

its a fact..


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  1. I believe that I may understand….. ❤

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    • Do you? Hmm, well, life is such a treat for some unfortunate ones that sometimes struggle with scratching and clawing back up that mountain once again… Perhaps, my perseption is a bit clouded by my past, however, my decent made it quite clear years ago when I lost the bright star of my sons love to a man (ex husband) that had more rage than anyone on this planet could show me… And, again, I seem to be at the bottom doing the same thing..yet again but, different… This time I am a little confused to why anyone would make me feel so vunrable again to what reason? Selfish reasons ? Is it love? What is it this time that is so important for what…? I have nothing left to give anyone… so this time I am blind totally blind to my enviroment and I am truly scared to what could be my demise… that my friend JC7 is where I am now… However, I am what you call a survivor of the stupid and I guess I will find out by being stronger than before … scratching my head on how I will achieve this… this time lol… oh dear hehe humour is the ingredient to life xxx

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      • That sounded a bit dramatic.. appologies if it did… I guess feeling a little tired today and a bit worn out.. so don’t read too much into that response.. it was meant to say I am a little pissed off that is all 🙂

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