Sexodiac for Virgo

Welcome to September, Virgo.

It’s your birthday season, and with the Sun spending three weeks in your zodiac sign, you are the celestial favorite this month — be sure to act like it!

Ask for what you want when it comes to your sexual relations — people are so used to you giving them what they want, but you’d benefit from being more selfish with your time, sex, and overall energy this Virgo season.

The New Moon in Virgo on September 9 will be the perfect time to reinvent yourself sexually.

If you feel like you’ve been a bit too reserved, especially while Venus was in your sign for most of last month, this New Moon will help you let your inner freak fly as you claim the sexual liberation that you deserve.

This also coincides with Venus, the Planet of Love, shifting into Scorpio and highlighting your communication sector that same day. You may find that you attract an abundance of sexual suitors around this time, and if you’re already attached, you’ll become even more attractive to your romantic partner.


Your sex drive will increase as a result of this four-week solar transit and the New Moon energy in your sign, and you’ll be less self-critical and judgmental of yourself or others. You’ll be aware of times you pushed away perfectly suitable sexual partners simply because you weren’t yet at ease with yourself and your sexuality. Now that you’ve had this awakening, use this New Moon window to set clear intentions about the type of sex partner that you know you deserve, and think of the type of partner that you want to be. Want to be less controlling and more adaptable? Write down what that looks and feels like. Visualize yourself in a more free-spirited sexual position. Dream up who your ideal sex partner would be like and what sex with them would be like. Don’t place any limits on what’s possible, because this is your annual New Moon and the Universe wants to give you what you want. Too often, you settle for second best because you’re too shy to fully own what your heart desires. Not this month, Virgo. Not this time.

With Mars, the Planet of Action, entering Aquarius on the 10th of the month, expect the unexpected when it comes to your sex life. Mars will be in your health and wellness sector, and you may find yourself attracted to unconventional sex partners around this time. You tend to have a certain type sexually speaking, but Mars in Aquarius will help you wipe the slate clean and let people in who usually wouldn’t stand a chance. It’s highly likely that people from your past may re-emerge this month, especially people you haven’t talked to in a while. But it could end up being the best sex you’ve had in a while. Try not to judge… be open to what the Universe sends your way and let go of your need to control everything about your sex life, Virgo. Sometimes you think yourself out of a sexual experience that could be liberating for you, and Mars in Aquarius will help you release that urge to self-sabotage. The more you give into the magic of the present moment with your partners and stop trying to fix everything about the relationship, the better your sex drive and sexual experiences will be.

On September 22, the Sun shifts out of your sign and into airy Libra, highlighting your money and security sector. This four-week transit will continue to emphasize the themes of “live and let live”, as you adopt a more adaptable and detached perspective on sex and relationships. The Libra energy will have you seeking partners who are more light-hearted and who can help you relax and decompress. This isn’t the time to have huge expectations about where things are going, or to pressure anyone to have “the talk”, although Chiron Retrograde entering Pisces on September 25 may activate some old wounds that need healing before you can truly let your sexual self be free and open. Around that date you may find it easier to be honest about repressed feelings that have been left unspoken. Your ruler Mercury will be way out of its post-shadow period of Mercury Retrograde, so your thoughts will be clearer and your ability to speak your truth will be stronger. By month’s end, you will have gotten so much off your chest that you’ll feel ready to have more sexual adventures, just in time for Pluto’s shift direct. Get ready for your deepest sexual urges to be satisfied as a result of all that self-reflection and honest discussion that you’ve been having with yourself and those you’re sexually engaged with. All’s well that ends well.



As a Virgo, people often mistake you for a prude when it comes to sex, but you are actually one of the freakiest and naughtiest sexual partners. Symbolized by the Virgin, you vacillate from seeming sweet and innocent sexually to being wild and fanatic. You’re ruled by Mercury, the Planet of Communication, so you like to plan out your sexual escapades. You want them to be perfectly executed and well-organized so that you don’t have to deal with any mishaps or mistakes. This may seem a bit too forced for some people’s liking (such as the spontaneous Fire signs and carefree Air signs), but for others, they’ll appreciate getting to sit back, relax, and letting you take care of creating the ideal vibe.

Most Virgos don’t like having sex in a dirty environment. They are quick to spot the mess and they’ll spend too much time focusing on it, making it hard for them to truly tune into the sexual experience. You tend to be a worry wart in general, Virgo, and one of your evolutionary lessons is to make sure your perfectionism and super high standards don’t stop you from letting in sexual partners who may not at first seem like your type. There’s magic in expansion, and once you step out of your comfort zone and release all of the expectations you place on people, your inner control freak can calm down and the sexual floodgates can rush open. This also means that you should work on not letting your insecurities get the best of you in bed. As a Virgo you can be very self-critical, always noticing parts of your body that you could improve, and sometimes comparing yourself to others and wondering how you can be a better lover. But most of the time, you’re your worst critic and your partners hardly notice (if at all) the things that you give yourself a hard time about. One of your evolutionary lessons is therefore learning how to embrace those parts of you that you’d rather change. More often than not, people will view them as quirks that turn them on.

For you Virgo, sex is an essential part of life, just like eating, drinking, showering and purifying oneself through healthy habits. If you don’t have sex regularly and consistently, you can end up feeling cranky and irritable. It’s a way for you to connect with your body’s urges, and as a Virgo you are ultra sensitive to your physical needs. Of course, masturbation is always one of your favorite pastimes because you know better than most exactly what your needs are and you can be very picky. But you still have strong desires when it comes to combining sexual forces with someone else, and in many ways you view it as a stress-reliever. You feel infinitely better and regenerated after a great sex session where you can let loose uninhibitedly.

As for who you’re attracted to sexually, you tend to not go for outwardly sexy partners who draw too much attention to themselves. The simpler, the better. You often can look past someone who’s wearing plain clothes, and you see something deeper that catches your eye. Simplicity is sexy to you, and you often think the shyest types are the freakiest, so it becomes a fun game to you to seduce the class nerd or local introvert. You like to surprise them by letting them see your freaky side and encourage them to let theirs out too. One of your greatest qualities as a sexual partner is how attentive and compassionate you are. There’s a reason why your sign is associated with service — you love figuring out how you can make sure those you care for are taken care of. You’ll notice every little thing that your partner needs. You’re the type to ask them if the temperature in the room is right for them, if the sheets are soft enough, if the lighting is dim enough, and if your sex is orgasmic enough. Just make sure you’re not prying too much or else it can easily ruin the mood. Learn to assert yourself more as a sexual partner and put yourself first a bit more, Virgo. You’re so giving to others but you deserve for all of that attention to be reciprocated equally, so don’t let your wallflower tendencies deny you your right to fair sexual fulfillment. Once you decide to be a bit more selfish with your sexual energy, a whole new world will open up to you.

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