Let’s Embrace what is Coming

I seem to blog a lot these days maybe I find it therapeutic and I find it relaxing without the heaviness of people’s voices telling me how to breathe, how to live, how to love, what to do, what not to do, when to do it, don’t do it like that, you’re not doing it right, why does anyone have such an opinion on what others do when their own existence is full of drama, stresses, they seem to critic you and never themselves?

Is it because we allow them to do this or is it a granule sneaky thing that those that are louder, smarter or perhaps word smiths that they have worked you out?

If so that to me is sad that you have found a place to take all your stresses out on those that give you more than what you spend, I don’t get it… is it okay, to take someones love and then figure out just how to destroy the best part of another person because you know they will put up with it?

Okay, or is it that the person is so selfish that they have everything that want and want you too?wpid-369

I could never take something from someone if they don’t benefit themselves – this would be made up of love, a mutual respect for each other and a life that is full of respect, communication, endless adventures and a pure belief of what is next that “we can enjoy and laugh, love and experience these wonderful things our planet has with others that we love as well”.

That to me is living a life full of love respect and most of all abundance of beautiful kind friends that enjoy your company and visa versa..

I have all this love to give and I feel so sad that I cannot share it with people who get it??

I could cry my eyes out right now just so everyone could understand that living now in the moment is all and everything anyone should want to do with one another..,.499442a018bc0cc244dbb0fed3eede48-past-present-future-quotes-life-lesson-quotes-e1511020340433.jpg

So, enough of the what could be…. I now am more focused on what I should do… and with that I am happy because to be honest the past has passed and the future is not here yet.. and that is exciting don’t you think?

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