Strip yourself bare …

This tune or poem I should say is really intensely true, however, life isn’t as black and white as most people think.
We live in a society so immersed in faking it to making it.. and I believe this..
If you fool yourself by pretending to be something else then you fool yourself by ripping your life off completely..
Right or wrong we are only human we make good decisions and sometimes we make bad ones but, if you are true to yourself then you “must” believe in yourself and stuff the rest of society.. that is all that is societies robots who will do and say what most other robots do…
So, what do you do… you stay in the huge line of life and do as everyone does.. or you be your unique self and push yourself out of the box with a good heart and forget what others do…
I can only be me and I am happy with that.. good bad if you wish that is my business, not yours…
If you life me for me…. then grab my hand and walk beside me instead of behind me… and lets make a change and live a life worth living and love it for whatever life brings ahead..
That is my vision going forward…

What is yours?

Have a listen…she is saying this because shes present and being real… truth will always sound week because you have to strip yourelf bare.. and show yourself as being someone that is pathetic..
To me she is not any of that she is beautifully honest and passionately honest and that is what life is about….have a listen it really is a beautiful piece to listen too..






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  1. I like you just as you are. ❤❤❤

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  2. I’ve seen this quote before but not this interpretation, but it’s a good one. Sometimes we try to be something which goes against the grain, and it’s better to give in and let our real selves unfold. Thanks for following my blog.

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    • Thank you, like it said, it isn’t for everyone, however, I myself isn’t everyone, we live a life sometimes beautiful and sometimes mixed up.. like I have lived I have lost so much in my life and wish I didn’t to let go I then let go of myself of who I am and also what I have become.. I choose to stay because we are all mixed up… it isnt about abusive behaviour it is about what abusive behaviour did to me in my past and for that I am not the only one who had things done to me… he and those I love have also suffered so this is why I stay… I stay because no one gave us a chance to love like everyone else so that is what pushes me to stay and also that is how I love… your blog is lovely thank you for your kind words… even god suffered I get it… I really get it.. xxx

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      • You’re right, life must be about love. And the challenge of loving when we weren’t loved perfectly or were hurt be people we loved. Sometimes it’s the people we love most, who hurt us most. I was also thinking when I read your article, about how I’ve recently tried to do something which just didn’t work out, but maybe it wasn’t me. It’s taken me a long time to let go of that and try to trust that maybe there’s something else for me. By the way, I really like the layout of your blog. I don’t understand why God suffered but think that must be the key to it.

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  3. Hmmm challenges I’ve had plenty of them throughout my life…it would be really lovely not to have them so harshly anymore

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