Truth will set you Free they say…

Well, I really love that title “The truth will set you Free”, however, it seems only a seldom few use it and say it and even do it…

It is such a pity people are not true to themselves, it get’s me, when life is so damn short and we suffer in silence by being ignorant and stupid and blind, and most of all silent… to what I say?

I love to blog and say things most wouldn’t and sometimes I say things by tongue in cheek hoping that those would be free of their pitiful secrets of what they don’t want others to know about themselves…

For me it isnt that simple… I say it and I loose it and with that I find myself feeling solo however, I would rather be solo then be with those that cannot bring themselves to be themselves…hqdefault

So, time is ticking and I am getting a little put off by silence and hidden bull shit… life isnt this ignorant and plus, neither am I…. either you do two things in life…

Actions speak louder than words or words are kept hidden and then life is worth what?

Well, interesting to say the least NOT, totally waste of time or is it that important to sit in your ivory tower and wait for a fool that has really nothing to say.. apart from “Simple Simon told me so….

Words are profound aren’t they , only if they are said….. they are worth all gold in china.. if so then speak it… if not then be the fool sitting in that tower for the rest of your pitiful life….

wooow……..that is an interesting statement of nothing….. really.. HA!!!

So, what was it that set me free? in the above statement?


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