My theory of Connection is maybe this???

How do we connect with another person and why do we do this?

My theory of Connection is

  • How do we connect to one another?

  • Is it chemistry?

  • Is it understanding?

  • Is it the environment that we put ourselves in?

  • Do we connect because we find a similar like to one another?

  • Chemistry is it Chemical? Physical? 

  • Is it something that come to us with time?

  • Is it similar likes,hates, understanding or is it everything above?

Connection is when people or two or three or even a group of individuals that bond with many reasons, they could be all the above or there is a want to connect a bond of unity or is it just luck?

Interesting these things called like, hate, love, connection, friendships, chemistry even like-minded minds all mixed into gether…. or is it that some want to like each other and some resist it because they don’t understand it or perhaps they are scared and not ready to open themselves up to it…

It is very powerful that strength within yourself to be strong enough to go “I like you and I like spending time with you”… Why?

Perhaps it is because they don’t ask that question and it maybe because they just do.

Shrug, who knows what it is but, when your there isn’t it amazing when you allow yourself that freedom to just do it…

here is something cheesy …enjoy 🙂


Or is it about being different likes this video… indivduals love watching those that are different but, seldomly want to take that risk in life.. because it is what it is …Different… go figure it is either the cheesy video above or the different one below..

Which one do you like above? below? or both?


Share your video on what you think connection is too you??

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