Say it how it is… or Bite your Tongue! & Shut your mouth!!

What we say and what we do are always both different however, normally the same!


A bit of a contradiction isn’t it….

What we want and what we think we want is again another contradiction to what we really want…

If we just stopped for a moment and was real we would actually say to ourselves this, Stop being selfish and start being true to yourself….

Life will always make things better or someone will have something better or perhaps this is our mind-set where we think it’s better, bigger, nicer, because we as people always find fault in ourselves and those that we love.

I think we should be truthful, we should say how it is, no matter how that sounds, I seem to always put my foot in it… but, at the end of the day I am being truthful, perhaps a little off the charts truthful but, at least I am being honest and at times a little odd but, truthful!

Funny, we are all quite strange let’s face it…. just take it with a pinch of salt… and never try to judge each other because that is where we get stuck!

So, my motto, ongoing is this…. You wont hear from me again, I have said, enough to last a life time, we all know nothing will ever come of it.. and to be honest, it is best that I bite my tongue!!

I will never be the girl that once I thought I could and with that you will never see what you thought would be so it is best that I bite my tongue!

Nothing comes from being honest, or being true to themselves is there?

So, what you thought will ever come will never come.. because others will never be so with that we all do this….Bite your tongues….. as life isnt meant to be the way you want it to be…

So with that nother was ever… so bite your tongue and let it be…

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