May the past be Erased…from today…

From today onwards… no more past!!!!

No more drama……

No more talk about what happened.. didn’t happen … should have happened… you get my drift…

So, moving forward to New Beginnings, Awesome Openings… (that is a bit funny)

And to a future of Laughter, Happiness and Anything is possible…

So, embrace it… love it… and let the Party begin… I think… you get my drift… again..

Everything Happens for a Reason… so Lets make it a good reason… shall we..


How profound…… upbeat never heard of her.. but, not bad of letting my past go…not really sure I like this song but, going with the name Francesca…. being me… go figure….

Enjoy xxx

Basically, what this is about is For everything that has occurred up till now has been erased of before anything that feels sad, bad, made excuses for , moments of that feeling of what if’s, or even why this occurred because….

From today onwards.. those days .. nights or even moments are now gone.. so let’s now embrace the future going forward… and let us only talk about good things that will happen.. or is going to happen.. going forward.. this way no one feels or felt or wept or regret or anything that should not be isn’t…. But, all good this will be… going forward..


A Leap of faith.. let our future be what it will be… and enjoy it going forward for whatever it is….. either together or alone or whatever…. that is the fun bit… nothing has happened…. yet 🙂



Hope that makes sense..


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