What…………. triggers Me?

It is a double edge sword talking and typing about the above…”Triggers”, because potentially I could actually trigger myself by putting down these points which I am and will show you…. what triggers trigger me…


So, let’s explain what this means for someone who has passed trauma….. let’s start off with explaining this below

What are Triggers.. well they are simply…

A trigger is anything that causes your PTSD symptoms to occur. Triggers are detected by your senses (sight, sound, touch, taste and smell). A trigger may involve only one sense or it may involve many of your senses. Triggers can remind you directly or indirectly of some aspect of the trauma.

My Triggers are based on my past which means simply – even though things that “did” occurs doesn’t matter “now” (notice I am using a different language by saying .. did and now?)  they can potentially depending on my mood presently “could trigger a subconscious thought”, does that make sense?


My triggers that seem to do this are below

  • Silence is a NO, NO, with me! 
  • Anger by another or even myself!
  • Drugs that alter my thoughts 
  • Sadness – despair is a trigger that can bring me down
  • Abusive behaviour
  • Yelling, screaming, anger, hostility
  • argument with a loved one
  • Fear of being taken advantage of
  • Fear of betrayal
  • Secrets that people keep that I care about – it makes me feel that I am not important to them so I decline very quickly
  • Being Ignored by someone I care about – this makes me feel like I have done something wrong.. which makes me want to fix it..by being a little over baring…
  • Hostile – if someone acts angry towards me I tend to go into my own protective shield by either going quite which only lasts a few moments to hostile anger… which can potentially be sole destroying for me.
  • Isolation is good and bad for me…. it makes me feel like I am worthless to anyone so I can isolate myself by being busy…
  • Lying… people who lie

Never try and hurt those that have already been there as it is a possibility for that person (me) to take longer to return back to a normal reasoning…

That was difficult to type those things above with time and more understanding about me I will share with you that could help those that have the same as what I suffer from…

What helps me recover or calms me?

  • kindness
  • calmness
  • being loved which makes me love and understand better
  • never use anger towards me
  • laughing a lot, I love to laugh, hard…. just do…hehehe
  • Joking I adore it
  • People that make me smile I loveeeeee so much
  • Tell me how much you life me or love me.. or hate me.. if you wish
  • DON’T lie


Just be a kind person and you will have me for a life time… sounds a bit selfish of me..

But, that is a new feeling so please don’t think I am doing this to be selfish..it’s an emotion that is rather new to me to understand..

Lying reminds me of my childhood.. so please we all lie to a point… just try to be kinder to one another.. because when you add too much to something it really isn’t being authentic.. is it???

Later gater… Franny xxx


What are your TRIGGERS?

Why do they Trigger you?

Do you agree with what I said about about triggers?

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