Question time! Will the truth set you FREE???

  1. Why do we appease people?
  2. Why is it that we only say what others want us to say to one another?
  3. Why can’t we speak our minds and say “to the hell of it”?
  4. Is it so bad to make a comment on ones potential bull shit profiles?
  5. Or is it bad in general to say something that potentially could hurt another?
  6. I don’t think we do this on purpose (however, when it comes to me perhaps after years of bullshit I do have a rope that tends to be too long or too short for some)
  7. So, what is it that people seem to get so offended by comments that are either close to the truth or is the truth??

Rant: the height of rudeness

Here I am all 5 foot of nothingness and I seem to have a savage tongue that I do love to stick out from time to time…

Yes, to those that know me, hate me or even god helps us, loves me.. which I have to say isn’t many!!

I am rude, crude, revolting, hideously horrendous, I have a loud voice when used for good not evil… and I do love to banter with the biggest man or female that will challenge me…. yes, I know this is true…. some of you maybe shocked… yes…

But, it is true……..


However, it is kinder to be kinder than to be a Monster that no one wants closer than a mountain… so, potentially, when chatting, speaking and even heaven knows when saying something that could hurt another.. try NOT too…..

Because, an animal will always be an animal…. and we are not animals.. are we..?????download (4)

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