We are NOT Animals….

Funny this statement always makes me giggle, laugh, think of moments a voice in the far left or right corner of your home.. says loudly and clearly..

I AM NOT AN ANIMAL…..download (4)

My response is No you are not an animal, we seem to do things and make silly judgements on ourselves and those that we care about and many that we seldom now within our scope of life.

However, everything we do I am sure we don’t intentionally do to hurt each other or even harm one another.. I guess, sometimes we get a bit confused, a little scared, a fear that creeps into our head and the next thing we notice is that we come out looking like we don’t have feelings..

This isn’t true….

We all have those feelings that scares the shit out of us, you, me, them and him or even her however, when you try to be brave that seems to stop you from being brave.. if that makes sense..

I never really intentionally or perhaps I tell a fib – When I say something nasty I am angry, I am hurt, I want to understand why you didn’t find it okay to tell me that you ..

Like me?

Hate me?

Think I am crazy?

Why is it so hard to say things that mean something that is good or even if I piss you off then tell me and I will do my best (depending if I like you) he he I will at least try to stop the intense hatred inside me (that was a joke)


Oh, god, we are definitely a handful or perhaps I am… whatever works or floats other people s boats….th (1).jpg

Mine well I think I am either got terits or a really am crazy as a loon..!!

Either whatever, I am me…. and I do love and care about those Animals that I fondly would pat, feed, kiss, cuddle, hijack and take away on a dirty weekend.. oh sorry doing it again…..

Seriously, though, I will improve with time… just like a good Port, Wine, or even a depressant that is called a GIN 🙂

Respect and Love always Franny xxximages (17).jpg

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